Chris: Portrait Of A Noble Man

Wonders never cease!

Another field trip! Did you know instantly what wing you would use?
No -- not a clue, although I am generally more inspired by painting (since I paint, too) than sculpture. But I was also incredibly inspired by the beautiful mosaic marble floor of the Met.

What drew you to the painting you chose of the noble woman? Were you surprised at all by the other designers' chosen inspirations?
The play of the light on the draped fabric -- also the great color combination. I was a little surprised that Rami went for the toga/Grecian idea, but it IS his specialty. blogs_411_chris_02.jpg

Were you worried at all that you'd be criticized for the similarity of the collar to the piece you made with Christian during the avant-garde challenge?
That criticism was completely out of left field in my opinion. My dress was a different silhouette, construction, and look all together. It's not nearly the scale or outrageousness of the avant-garde, and is built into the neckline of a dress with bare shoulders. They could be in the same collection (maybe!).

Did the judges' comments surprise you? Are you a big fan of Roberto Cavalli's work? He gave you some pretty fabulous comments.
I was reduced to a puddle -- I think Cavalli is a genius and the thought that he was praising me SO generously was emotionally overwhelming (as you can tell from my face). I loved that dress -- it was my last shot to show what I can do, and it paid off.

What did you think of the other designers' garments? Any favorites?
They are all so talented -- it's a matter of taste. It was also interesting to see what inspires each of us, and how it was interpreted. blogs_411_chris_03.jpg

Do you think the judges made the right decision? How shocked were you that you'd have to compete with Rami first? (Did you think you'd be going home instead?)
As you can see by the wildly shocked expression on my face, I COULD NOT FATHOM how they could have chosen me over Rami. Then they dropped the bomb that that he was in, too, and we looked at each other like, "Those sneaky bastards!" I breathed a huge sigh of relief because I love Rami, and did not want to be the one to end his chances.

Without giving anything away obviously, tell us a little bit about the feeling of showing at Bryant Park.
It was, without a doubt, the most intense moment of my life walking out on to that runway to such overwhelming applause and love. Wow!

Um, and how do you know Ms. Meryl Streep mister?!
A dear friend of mine is very close to her, and when they found out that I was one of the designers this season, he told me what a huge fan of Project Runway she is (along with her daughters) and how excited she was that I was on the show. The thought that she would even consider coming to the finale blew me away. Will wonders never cease ....

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