Christian: I Was So Over It

Christian Sirano's challenge win!

What did you think when the models arrived on the runway?
I was so over it!! I was not ready to make clothing for a larger woman.

What is your take on designing for what is referred to as "The Everyday Woman?"
I have no problem dressing women in different sizes, but it's so hard to be good at everything in fashion! I just have strength in a different type of design. christian_01_405_320x240.jpg

Jack goes home because of the Staph infection. What were your feelings? How did that strike you?
I just never thought it could happen to any of us during the show!!! We all wanted to feel safe and healthy in that situation. I was so sad when he had to leave, but we all knew it was for the best: he was so sick.

The return of Chris March! What was that like?
I actually did not think it was fair for Chris to come back! They just should not have kicked someone off that challenge. If another designer got sick the next week, then would they bring Carmen back?
There is a giggly sort of hilarity to having Tim in the workroom. Is that common?
Tim is just funny and we all love him. I guess that's why.


What did you think of Steven's design?
Steven had a very hard challenge, but I did not love his final design.

Everyone seemed to jump in to help Steven finish his design. What did you think of it?
Most of us get along, so I was not surprised that people helped him. I guess it didn't help that much!

Was there anything else about this particular challenge that struck you as difficult or interesting?
That the women had such a strong opinion on what they liked in fashion. At least mine did!


Tim called your garment out as "Fierce." That must have been nice.
I was happy that Tim finally gave me some good feedback! I felt that it gave me a push to do more!

What's it like to win your first challenge?!
To win my first challenge was great, and I was proud of myself for dressing an everyday woman. I have never made anything for the average woman. She was a tough client, so I felt very accomplished.

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