Christian: Reasonable Doubt

Question Ricky Lizalde's past.

What did you think was really going on behind the doors before Tim revealed the Divas?
When we were waiting behind the doors I thought it was going to be some kind of athletes too.

What about Kristal drew you to her?
Kristal said she loved leather and lace ... which I have worked with before and I love stretch lace! She was really fun and edgy!

What was your biggest concern about the challenge/working with these materials? (And going to a place called "Spandex House?!")
I did not really have a challenge working with stretch fabrics. I have done so many hair show costumes, and I have been to Spandex House a bunch before!


Were you worried that you wouldn't be able to put your high fashion mark on this garment?
I think that the challenge has nothing to do with fashion! It's costume, which is fine but not for a challenge that comes so close to the finale challenge! If this is what decides who makes it to Fashion Week, I thought it was a joke.

What did you think of the other designers' work?
I thought the other designers just are not well-rounded enough in their abilities for this challenge! I think there were really only two great designs!

You said that this was one of your favorite challenges -- what were your expectations going in?
I hated the challenge at first but after working on it for a day, I felt that it was fun ... just fun! I said that in a joking way!

You were pretty vocal about your doubt of Ricky's ability to stay in the competition -- what do you think now that he's gone? Were you aware of his pretty impressive resume?
I think Ricky showed weak work the entire competition and he knows that as well! I think it was his time to go! Actually what he created was not that bad, but it did not fit with the challenge. I do know that he is a liar and he did not work for all the designers he said! If I had a VP position I would not need Project Runway. A VP at any company would make over $300K a year! Would you leave that position?

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