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Hello kiddies!


So I can tell from your frothing mouths and glossed-over eyes that you're still recovering from your Project Runway fix... I know, a year is a long time to go without something you love (I tried giving up coffee last year in hopes that it would make me feel less sluggish... well... after I ended up throwing my blackberry at my intern's head...I... well, it got messy... I never knew men could have PMS).

So let's just get into it shall we, oh, and for the record this is my opinion and you have yours, and like mother's and they're incorrigible sons I ask you to politely state yours but in the end it's my way because I said so. (Damn it I hated when my mother used to say that!)

GAME ON! rate_runway_01_401.jpg

I have to say that I really liked Jillian's punchy cocktail number, I think the color choice, shape, fit and silhouette are both young and modern, but still stand out in the "designer" category. Based on what I saw in the first episode, Jillian seems like a woman who designs for herself - a tight little body, fair skin and dark hair - crap even her model looks a bit like her! All joking aside I think she has some real talent and may be a sleeper contestant... I'm keeping my eye on her.


I think Christian and his work need to be discussed separately, because honestly, there's just a lot going on there. I think the design he created has some gorgeous elements to it, and for one, I like how ambitious he was to do separates, including a jacket. I think the proportions work really well together and I love the young, Anglo-fied aesthetic the look is giving off, my only change would be a possible second-thought on the color combinations. Now, his attitude however, kinda grates on my nerves. Anyone who is "THAT" good doesn't need to try so hard to tell people he is, I feel it comes off as a bit insecure and honestly, there's no need to be as his design was really great. I hope he doesn't cater too much to the reality show side of Project Runway because that 15 minute flame burns out quite quickly, his great designs will last much longer. Also one I'm watching for.

Jack and I just met at a concert randomly enough a few weeks ago, and I'm glad to announce that he is as sweet in person as he is on camera! He seems to favor the young, contemporary market, and as most of the pieces I've seen from him are print heavy with minimal construction, I'm anxious to see where else he will go when pushed to really get out of his comfort zone. I think there's a good eye overall but I do wish there was a bit more of a forward-thinking movement in the design.

I love how Kevin laid his heterosexuality out on the table like a place setting in the first 30 seconds. I can understand the stigma but c'mon, it's just fashion darling. He seems like a great guy with a kind heart and though this outfit doesn't really do anything for me, I know he too is curious to see what else he can do when pushed; tired of the denim world, we'll have to see if he can adapt fast enough.

He just seems like the nicest guy doesn't he? He's completely open about where he's come from and the over-the-top industry he's worked in, and without the restrictions of future challenges, I like how he was able to restrain his design into something elegant, yet bold. Not groundbreaking but certainly a nice dress, though I wish it would've reached to the ground instead of ankle length, which I think can be a bit awkward to wear. I have a sweet-spot in my own heart for rich, regal colors and love that he went there on the first challenge - always a difficult color to don as it ages the wearer with its seriousness - but nonetheless I still love it and I'm glad that Chris does too!

I don't really like this design unfortunately. I feel that there may have been some good ideas, but it all seems a bit chaotic. Lord knows about being in that pressure cooker and having to make decisions on the fly, so let's hope that Marion's aesthetic becomes a bit more refined and clear in the next challenge. Also, since he was shown probably only twice I can't really even comment on his personality...

She's another one where I think there are some good ideas, but I'm not sure if this design comes off either here or there. I wish it was either more rock-n-roll or more lady-like... it just seems too much in middle ground for me. Also, I know Christina pre-Project Runway as we both attended the same Italian school at the same time, and I'm glad to see that she hasn't lost her distinct personal style and wit.

I really can only equate this to the Diana/Marla design for the Banana Republic challenge in my season, which they got auf'd on. I think considering the open invitation for creativity and originality that not only this challenge, but this show, promotes, I regrettably have to admit that this does absolutely nothing for me. I think Steven seems like a delightful man, with a great smile and I LOVE the squinty eyes... but if this outfit is an indication of everything he's capable of, than I'm a bit worried he won't last long.

Well Carmen certainly has a point of view in her clothing - which is a great thing. My critique would be that I don't see a modern woman wearing this: New York, Europe OR the mid-west, I'm not exactly sure who she designs for. But I've heard she has her own business, which I think is phenomenal, so she must know a thing or two about what her customer wants. I love all the ideas she has, but I'm also looking very much forward to seeing her get out of her comfort zone to try something a bit more forward-thinking.

Sweet P
I absolutely LOVE this girl, she didn't hesitate in the least to come right up and introduce herself to me: great smile, kind eyes and a cute sensibility! I think overall the dress works well, the shape is young and cute and the fabrication has some textural details to it, but it doesn't really have any apparent designer elements, which bothers me. I would like to see some more risk-taking than what I can already see hanging in stores - let's hope that our little Sweet P shakes herself up a bit.

I feel this is a very similar critique to Sweet P's: nice person, cute dress, but what's new and exciting about it? It fits her very well and is sewn great, but aside from what should be assumed, what else is there?

I personally love this dress. I think it's a bit gothic and dark, but also extremely romantic at the same time, and I love the understated sexuality the whole look gives off, including the hair and makeup. I think that Victorya seems like a very clever designer and I'm very excited to see how far she goes!

Hmmm, well I think the color is fantastic, and I love the way she wanted to base her design on showcasing the body and its natural curves and shape. I guess this is a very good example of how important self-editing is, as it really can make or break a design.

First, I just love a woman with the name Simone LeBlanc... the woman just needs either a line of clothing, or handbags, or decorative soaps, or a patisserie in the south of France - something! I actually didn't mind the color choices on this dress; it was obviously all the other issues that the judges had concerns with: the sewing skills, the lack of originality, and the fabric combos... three strikes and you're out on Project Runway. Screw that, one strike can send you packing! Well, on a positive note, making it to the top 15 chosen is an accomplishment in itself, and she obviously is not a visually crazy person, a loudmouth, or a backstabbing b***h... so it must've been her designs that the judges first saw in her, to allow her on the show in the first place. So bravo for that Simone, best of luck to you!

Congratulations to Rami on the win! I adored the color and drape of his dress, the way it appears to be silk jersey but in fact is much lighter and more fluid. I think it shows excellent technique and though something could always be improved upon I think it set the standard of refinement and finishing quite high for this season. However, based on what I've seen of his work, I'm curious to see what else he does besides heavy draping: structured jackets? Separates? Prints perhaps? I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this designer will take things!Phew... I had forgotten how many designers there are in the beginning. I have to make this short because I have deadline of my own! I finally got photos back from the photo shoot I did for my new NYLO Wear Hotel collection... they're stunning if I do say so myself... I'll post them soon! Welcome back to the chaos kiddies!

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