Darlings, I Am Torn!

So many good designers, such a great start!

The talent this season is amazing! Who will be the next designer to win the prize. I must say Rami's draping is lovely. I am so intrigued by fellow drapers. I love Adrian who was a genius in draping he made Joan Crawford's four foot frame look like a six foot goddess.

I wonder what the next episodes will bring. My favourite quote for the evening, "I am going to have to measure you with my hands!" I will be using that as my new pick up line. (As soon as I grow chest hair and a gold chain to go with it).

What an amazing thing to relive all of this through others eyes. That workroom, now blue, is beautiful! Those sewing machines are new and not covered in oil. They're not breaking! Jack, darling, put your clothes back on, haha!

The cast is gorgeous this season, and Jillian is an amazing seamstress and has an excellent aesthetic. Its hard to tell from the first episode who will be the beauty,the genius, the dramatist, and the artisan. But my guest for all three is:

Christian = Genius
Jillian and Jack = the beauty (it's a tie)
Carmen = Drama
Rami = Artisan

Everyone seems really sincere and dedicated to their art. I am so happy to see that. And the quote of the night "She looks like she was pooing fabric!" Heidi has become so genius in front of the camera over the seasons. I remember the anticipation of sitting in those chairs and hearing Heidi, Nina, and Michael. They all looked so beautiful. Jillian's dress was so playful and lovely. I am unclear about some of the work, but I know we will see more. I love that Jacks shoes and shirt match. Like a little school boy.

I need a Martini! I am off to a party but until next week, follow your dreams, work really hard for what you dream. Also if any of you are in NYC I am having a trunkshow on the 20th at the Warwick hotel, you can pre shop for Spring 2008 collection and a portion will be donated to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS. A little Malan to put in your stockings this season. Oh and do not forget to moisturize.


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