Debacle On Saville Row

Menswear, it's a whole new species!

What a debacle! This challenge was like asking a pianist to to play one of Beethoven's overtures on the harmonica. Am I glad I wasn't there? Clearly. I am half way through the episode and haven't the faintest idea who is going to survive. Menswear, as it has been stated repeatedly throughout the episode, is brutal. It's an entirely different species altogether. I've decided to leave the tailored menswear wizardry to Saville Row.


Jack definitely did a fine job on the bias cut detailing of his shirt, it reminded me of old British tailoring techniques and was sewn quite well. Stripes with stripes alarmed me at first, I found it almost too busy, but the more I looked at the ensemble, the more I appreciated the balance of color and subtle quirkiness of the contrasting stripes. The pair would look nice with a jacket to break up the graphic quality of the look.


I found Kevin's to be the most exciting look of the day. I really enjoyed the color combination and sharpness of the ensemble, a perfect balance of vintage & modernity. Had it been sewn by a meticulous seamstress with plenty of time and given a good press, I feel he would have won the challenge...well, if Heidi liked purple...

Kit's set seemed to have the best pants of the day, they fell perfectly and looked just right on her model. I never would have thought to use fleece as a more formal jacket's material and found that aspect interesting. Because she made three pieces, I figured she would take the trophy, but the sharpness of Jack's shirt I believe stole the show.
I feel the final deliberation should have been between:

Sweet Pea

and Carmen.

Although it was not mandatory to create a three piece look, I feel it was an obvious assumption to do so, (when they met Tiki -- he was wearing one). The problem for me lies in construction.


You could see where Ricky was going to take his look, once sewn & pressed it would have held water next to Sweet Pea's gaping neck of a shirt, even if the color palatte was classical, everything about Sweet Pea's shirt was wrong.

It was a very difficult challenge to watch, and the surviving designers must be incredibly relieved. Again, another designer feels short-changed, and I send the best of luck to Carmen. We shall see what comes next.

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