Dreams Can Come True

Remember, one bad design does not mean a bad designer!


It was a long night -- I was moved by one of the most brilliant movies I have seen in ages, The Business of Being Born, produced by my new friend Ricki Lake, who is gorgeous. It was so touching and so beautiful. This is a movie everyone should see, especially new mothers-to-be. I had my driver stop by my office so I can check on the new collection we are preparing for my first Bryant Park showing this February and then came home for the second rerun of Runway. OMG a Prom dress challenge. Darlings, I love that this is an opportunity for youth to feel glamourous. It is so fun to see them in Times Square in the summer. I loved the multi-tonal dress that Jillian designed -- it was gorgeous, and Sweet P's dress was so glamourous.

I was saddened that Kevin left. I surely thought he would make it to Fashion Week. I cannot believe that two of the best designers on the show were in the bottom two. Interesting!

raterunway_09_220x415.jpg OK, so you all have asked who my top favourites are for final three or four: Darlings, I really don't know because I have not had a chance to really see their aesthetic. It's hard to gauge when you are making clothes from edibles, or recycled clothing bits, or the other. I am not sure. I want to see Jillian there, Rami, and Christian, but then there is Kit and Sweet P. I don't know! Darlings! I will be as surprised as you when I see the collections at Fashion Week. I am still really surprised that Kevin is out.

Well I wish him great success. Anything is possible! Remember -- I was cut on the second episode, and this February I am presenting at Bryant Park for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Darlings, there is so much talent on this show -- just because someone has a bad day does not mean they are a bad designer.

I do love Project Runway. It is a place that new talent can be seen, a place where dreams come true for so many. Darlings, always remember any dream you have can come true.

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