Elisa: Alpha Beta

Style from self and be your own trend.

In terms of trendsetters -- which fads do you believe should have become trends?
I personally would very much the evolution of sustainable economy to become a fashion trend. Specifically, a fashion trend which makes conscienscious production, environmentally safe fabric and hardware maunfacturing, and how much is put to waste in and of the industry itself so very hot. Let the fashionista be waved by the responsible individual and corporate action. Green is the new luxury concept.

What would YOU have done with shoulder pads?
I would string them together, some 4 or more, cover them in a beautiful and sumptuous fabric , place a tie and a cool hip bustle to be worn with very short shorts, skirts, or tight skinny leg jeans. teamricky_404_320x240.jpg

In terms of creating a collection, how much does cohesion matter to you?
Cohesion of concept is the marrow of the meat of any collection to me, whether it is composed of three or thirty pieces. I have cohesive themes for all my work. I think that way.

Do you think of trends when you create your own lines?
I never think of specific outside trends when I create my collections, however, on a subconscious level I am definitley influenced by things I see on the street that I like and which resonate stylistically for me. I think more in theme and client.

What trend would you like to be known for?
Wow...a trend association with me? How about lack of pretension and individuality? Style from self.

What did you think of Chris?
Chris is an amazing and wonderfully gifted invidual and creator. I like him. I did not realize it when I first arrived, but I had been hearing about the talented Chris March for many years in Manhattan. He makes me laugh though his humor can be a bit sharp and sardonic.

There is a one minute stretch of time where you all have to choose your own teams. What was that like?
You know, so much of the experience had pockets of elemntary school dodge ball and other primal social dynamics. I found it best to simply surrender all expectations and assumptions and experience on a, "Oh, so this is what it's going to be..." level. It made is much more educational and fun.

What did you think when you saw Donna Karan as a guest judge?
I was absolutely honored and thrilled to Donna Karan as one of the judges. She has consistently grown and evolved with her company's power, as well as, incorporating her own evolution and consciousness. Impressive and admirable. elysa_look_404_320x240.jpg

You say that you would never have thought that the dress that came down the runway was one of yours. What inspired it?
Well, it is rare for me to make something which I felt so dejectably alienated from. I truly wanted to work with Victorya because she is so smart and I wanted to learn from her her seemingly effortless, but not, ability to make a smock/babydoll dress. This was one components of my inspiration. Another component was Moses' name abstracted as the inlay, because I was in such a foreign creative space that I had to do something to make me excited to work. At this juncture of my experience on the show, I was intentionally not doing what was known to me, but rather throwing myself in untouched areas to learn this other way. I know how I would have done the challenge, but that was not what I was suppose to learn. teamricky_02_404_320x240.jpg

There's certainly a lot of conflict between Ricky and Victorya this episode. What was your take on the disagreement about who was team leader?
Interestingly enough, when we all came together, I assumed to relinquish all of my true Alpha nature and to simply try and be a directed and hopefully well utilized Beta. That being said, I ignored the conflict and removed myself.

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