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Elisa: Conciously And Intuitively

Elisa Jimenez shares her Sarah Jessica Parker experience!


When you heard it would be a fashion icon as a guest judge, who did you hope it would be?
I had absolutely no clue who the fashion icon judge would be, but was terribly curious.

Which icon would you most like to dress?
I have consistently said that I would love to dress the 1800's actress and provacateur , Sarah Bernhart, but living -- I would choose to dress Sophia Loren or The Dixie Chicks...all of them.

What are your feelings on the team challenge, in general?
I feel group challenges in any field are extremely progressive and helpful for creative people. Group challenges are forced productive collaborations which evoke ingenious problem solving of each collaborators when handle without ego or arrogance.


And then, what about working with Sweet P?
Oh! I so wanted to work with Sweet P! After the first challenge, I had chosen to not work with any of my previous known skills, but to surrender to the work rooms plethora of information unknown to me. It was obviously that all those trained in fashion felt they had information that surpassed my own. I was asking the Universe to provide me with the most inciteful and lesson learning colllaborator, but I really wanted Sweet P due to her amazing skill and knowledge. Plus, she's a babe.

The guest judge. Thoughts?
When Sarah Jessica Parker walked out, I was suprised and endeared. I have admired her work as an actress, wife, and mother for a very long time. I was unsure as to what our task would be.


There you are, one of the final people standing on the runway. How did that feel?
When I found Sweet P and I on the runway, I was bemused as to whether it was because our collaboratio was deemed good, or if by some mischance we had been interpreted as not acceptable. I was like, "OOokkaay, what's next?" I also felt very protective of Sweet P and her dreams associated with Project Runway...I did not want her to suffer consequences on my account and choices, though i was very pleased and proud of our collaboration.

What is your impression of Marion?
I admire Marion and his aesthetic. I was so sorry to see him removed from the process. It turned out that we were both in a museum show together and his piece, which pushed the boundaries of materials and art couture, was my favorite in the exhibit.


You seem very adaptable to the things that other contestants and judges say to you. What do you feel like the largest lesson was for you?
Wow. The largest lesson for me has always been to have a strong center and reflect and ruminate on what goes on around me. "Know your Truth" and then everything else is simply nurturing for the garden of your Self. You can only take in what will serve the best in you, everything should simply be allowed to drift away. Afterall, Project Runway was my personal vision quest. 
There is an inherent belief in the essence of materials in many cultures including my own. As an artist and and a fashion designer I have intuitively and consciously used materials to imbue my works with these essences and symbolism. "Spit marking" the points of my clients or my own designs was a symbolic way of situating them in time and space and bonding them to me as a conduit for good intentions.
The marks are tiny, they fade, as do we. It was an innocent intuition of taking the temporal and making it corporeal. I have also used oils and herbs for same purpose. It definitely seemed to freak people out.

Leanne Speaks!

May we present season 5 winner of Project Runway- Leanne Marshall! How did you feel when you won?
I was just in shock for a good couple of minutes after Heidi called my name. I was exhausted and exhilarated. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Were you shocked by the result?
I was shocked. It was a big shock. I had hoped and I had my fingers crossed but it had been a long week and I was really sleep deprived so I didn't know. What are you going to do with the money?
Going straight to the horse races... No, I'm actually going to re-locate to New York to further develop my clothing line. I'm actually going to hire some people to help me and hopefully show at fashion week again. What did you think of the criticism the judges had for you?
I definitely would have had a lot more variety. I just always had in my mind, throughout doing the collection, to keep it really cohesive. Creating it I had so many different ideas and I started to go off on tangents so I was thinking that I can't do too many things with such a small collection, I had to keep it cohesive. What did you think of the other collections?
I think Korto showed a really strong collection. I loved her colors and she makes great clothes for women. I think Kenley had some surprising pieces that looked really great on the runway. I definitely liked certain elements of Jerell's collection, the drama and the sparkle. It's very Jerell. Joe surprised me too. It was really well made. And Suede also did a really good job. Are you prepared for your life to totally change as of tomorrow?
I'm not. After finding out and coming back I've been living my life normally as if nothing ever happened. Yes, it's going to be crazy and I'm really excited about it all. How did you keep the secret?
I threatened to break anyone's arms who spilled. No... My family, my boyfriend, everyone was as strict as making sure that they don't say anything as I was. It's a great surprise and we want everyone to be surprised in the end. And I don't want to ruin it for anyone. You're only the second female to win Project Runway. How do you feel about that as a female designer?
It's awesome. It's really exciting. I think there are a lot of strong female designers out there. It just so happens that a lot of the Project Runway winners are male. It's definitely about time. Have you kept in touch which any of the other contestants?
I have been in touch with Korto and Jerrell. Also, Blayne every now and then. I definitely would love to keep in touch with them for a long time. Where can we buy your clothing?
Go to my website,, and I also link to my Etsy page where I sell things online. Two shops in Portland, Oregon, Seaplane and Foundation Garments. And I just got a ton of requests so hopefully everywhere soon! Any final words for your fans?
I'm just so touched and thank you for supporting me, coming up and saying hi and all that. I love it and I'm so appreciative of all of it. It kept me going and propelled when I was creating my collection. It's hard putting your self out there but one of the rewards is having [great fans.]