Gearing Up For The Finale

Congratulations to a great season!


Darlings I missed you. I was in Belise, Honduras, and other places. I got to meet the lovely and so talented Nikki Blonsky and her wonderful mother. What a relaxing way to end Fashion Week. No television, only clear blue water. But I missed the elimination of a very talented designer. I saw the episode in a repeat and realized Christian is so genius, for him to create that collection in that small a space.Then Jillian, this is a designer that really thinks about her client -- WOMEN! I am very excited to see the last three collections again tonight as the show comes to a close. I must say that black evening gown that Rami created was delightful. He is very talented and so sweet.Darlings, though the season is almost over I am excited to see who wins , who will find great success,and to see dreams come to life. I wish you all a wonderful week and do not miss tonight's episode of The Malan Show-- I have a special surprise for you.

To all of you I raise my martini glass. To what is the end of a brilliant season of Project Runway.

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