Girl Power

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Didn't I say last week Ricky would get his chance to show what he could do? Well, he did this week and I am happy for him. He was so surprised when he won. The fact he had so much conviction about his dress was the most important fact though, as I feel he would have been happy with the acknowledgment of the day period.raterunway_01_409_220x415.jpg

I felt the strongest pieces were his, Rami's and Christian's. I feel that Christian, as usual, showed something very fashion-forward and wearable. More people would slip into a pair of jeans everyday than they would a dress, and I feel from Levi's perspective, this should be the most important deciding factor. raterunway_05_409_220x415.jpg 

I felt empty when I saw Victoria and Jillian left on the runway -- two very promising female designers who have both shown some of the more innovative pieces of the season. Do female designers repeatedly get sent home sooner than male designers who have left the judges uninspired? I think so. I guess they never take into consideration what the designers have been showing all season. The applause you receive one week for your innovative work is completely forgotten the next. I find that mentality difficult to respect and very unfortunate. If the show is about finding the next top American designer, why are the final few not the designers who have shown strength, consistency, and forward thinking? That is something to think about.


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