Jillian: Master Of The Argonauts

Number one goal is to make clothing for real women.

Another field trip! Did you know instantly what wing you would use?
Yes -- another field trip!?!? I did not know which wing I'd use so I took pictures of everything and finally decided on the European painting wing

What drew you to the painting you chose? Were you surprised at all by the other designers' chosen inspirations?
I was drawn to "Master of the Argonauts" because there was a lot of action and content for me to find inspiration and momentum. I was also interested in exploring the beauty of armor. I love the idea of the hinging at joints and the fact that armor is very decorative while maintaining functionality.

You seemed to take one of the less literal approaches to the challenge -- did you consider being more literal at any time?
As a designer it is important to be inspired in order to have a context for your designs. However if you take a literal approach to a historic reference you run the risk of looking costume-y. It is my priority to make clothing for real women! With that being said, there is a point where you have to take the less literal approach. blogs_411_jillian.jpg

You seemed to get a bit peeved when Christian was telling you how you had been pressing your garment for? Did things like this happen often?
Well let me first say that I love love love the little Christian!! When his ego is thriving he has a tendency to make comments on other people's work and their process. I think I said, "Do I need you monitoring my progress?" It was a bit bitchy but I think the viewers were just waiting for Jillian's bitchy side to come out. That is really the only bitchy outburst, otherwise you would have seen more of them throughout the series. It was sisterly love ... I promise.

Did the judges' comments surprise you? Are you a big fan of Roberto Cavalli's work?
I love Roberto Cavalli's work. I wear a lot of his second line, "Just Cavalli," -- some of my favorite pieces in my personal wardrobe. It was an honor to have him as a judge. When he said that he would like to have me work with him in his studio I think that might have been one of the highlights in my life. Overall, I was pleased with the feedback I received from the judges. blogs_411_jillian_02.jpg

What did you think of the other designers' garments? Any favorites?
Well, I was in awe of Christian's work in this challenge. There was no question in my mind who would win this one. I also loved Rami's design.... I was totally disappointed by the negativity for his design from the judges. And I don't always love my own work, but in this particular challenge I was thrilled with the results of my design.

Do you think the judges made the right decision?
Well, for Christian and I, I think the decision was right. I would have liked for the final three to be: Christian, Rami, and Jillian.... I thought that from the very beginning.

Without giving anything away obviously, tell us a little bit about the feeling of showing at Bryant Park.
Showing at Bryant Park was by far the most proud and fulfilling moment in my life. Win or not, and I'm not telling, it really was the first day of the rest of my life.

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