Jillian: Real People.

Dressing the everyday woman is a skill all designers should know.

What did you think when the models arrived on the runway?
At first, when I saw the models' silhouette behind the scrim I was like, "What? Oh no... scary," but when the challenge was presented and explained to us, I thought the challenge was one which is important for designers: to be taken out of the fantasy realm of fashion and into a more realistic everyday objective, which is to dress real people.

What is your take on designing for what is referred to as "The Everyday Woman?"
Designing for the everyday woman is more of a realistic objective that designers have when they work for a clothing company, most of which cater to a range of body types. It really is an everyday challenge and objective that designers have to face. After all, being a designer of clothing is to dress people. Real people. However, designers have to establish themselves as having a vision, so sometimes it is also important to fantasize and create work which is inspiring and not body specific. I guess what I am saying is that a great designer should be able to dress people and to create inspiring fashion.


Jack goes home because of the Staph infection. What were your feelings? How did that strike you?
Jack is a really confident, handsome guy, and when I saw that he was suddenly suffering, I felt like it was a shame for him to have been in such a condition for probably one of the best opportunities in his life. In all honesty, I did not know what a staph infection was at the time, and I was feeling shocked and confused by the whole situation. It was truly heartbreaking to see someone like Jack suffer.

The return of Chris March! What was your feeling on that?
I thought, boy what a lucky guy to have another shot like that. In my opinion, it was only fair for the last person who was eliminated to be brought back. Plus, Chris is a fun person to have around, and although I wish that Jack never had to leave, Chris's presence is a nice one to have around.

There is a giggly sort of hilarity to having Tim in the workroom. Is that common?
My memory is not so strong, so I don't really know what you mean by that. I do think that, by the 5th challenge, there is a giggly sort of hilarity in general from being sleep deprived, in an artificial setting, and working for such long hours. Sort of a delirious giggliness.


What did you think of Christian's design?
I think Christian really accommodated his client with his design, while remaining true to his aesthetic. His client was ecstatic. She loved what she was wearing, and how she was accessorized. I think that was the ultimate goal.

Everyone seemed to jump in to help Steven finish his design. What did you think of it?
That's what is unique about season 4!! There is a sense of camaraderie between the designers. Most of us were secure enough about our own designs to lend a helping hand to another, and while I'm sure conflict and sabotage would be more interesting for TV, the positive dynamic of the group was amazing.


Buying the red fabric for the dress was a risk that seemed to pay off for you. What was wrong with the original fabric?
The original garments that were assigned to me had darts and smocking and had I disassembled the shirt and pant, so the pieces would be too small to create the linear look that I was going for. I would have had to put seams all over the place and as a designer, I had to make the decision to abandon the originals in order to make my client look as great as she ended up looking.

Was there anything else about this particular challenge that struck you as difficult or interesting?
I found this challenge to be easier, especially after the menswear challenge and being the team leader in the previous challenge. I felt really prepared for anything at that point.

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