Jillian: Seeing The Light

Looking back, the coat was not that great.

Where did you honestly think Tim might be taking you on his little "field trip?"
At first, I had hoped Tim would be taking us to Tokyo, but then we ended up in Brooklyn. Brooklyn?!

What drew you to the lighter jeans? It seemed a lot of the designers were going for the darker washes.
As soon as the challenge was presented to us, I had the design in my head and I imagined it in an almost white denim. Instead I ended up with light denim (in the two seconds we had to make a decision). I realize that, presently in fashion, it's all about the not-so-washed dark denim, but ... alright, I messed up! And OK fine -- the coat looked a whole lot better in my head!blogs_409_jillian.jpg

Were you worried about doing a coat again, and it being compared to your avant-garde challenge garment?
At the time I wasn't worried, but now looking back, I wonder: Who wants to wear a denim coat anyway?

Are coats something you design a lot in your own life or you would like to be a main focus of your design work in the future?
I do have a certain passion for coats. It started with my senior thesis and then developed further when I worked at Searle, designing coats with Searle Blatt. I really learned the tricks of the trade during that experience. For those of you who don't know of Searle, look in your closet -- I'm sure everyone owns a Searle coat and doesn't even realize it.

What are some challenges of working with denim rather than other fabrics?
Denim is thick, and when sewing it, you need special needles and threads etc. Deconstructing and reconstructing is not so much my thing. I dislike having seams all over my garment. I love the freedom of having lots of fabric ... even if it is denim by the yard.

You said it was kind of annoying that Victorya was doing a coat as well -- did you ever say anything to her about it?
Now that time has passed, I think it was pretty obnoxious of me to say that. I mean, I don't own the coat designing monopoly. Victorya can design whatever she wants. I was just surprised that after the success of our team work, we both ended up making lousy coats.

Were you surprised to be in the bottom two at the end? Did you think you would end up going home?
No. 1: No, I wasn't surprised to be in the bottom. I was prepared at anytime to be on the bottom. No 2. Excuse my confidence but, no, not for a second did I think I would end up going home. I could just feel that it wasn't my time to go.

Finally, what did you think of the other designers' work?
I particularly liked Christian's and Rami's looks. I would love to wear either of those outfits. I particularly did not like Chris's dress. I thought it looked totally dated. And even though Victorya was not inventive in her approach, I thought her coat was cute.

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