Jillian: Slow And Steady ...

The teamwork dynamic was just right.

What does "avant-garde" mean to you?
To me, avant-garde means experimental, innovative, pushing the boundaries, not necessarily wearable in everyday life.

What were your concerns when you heard that you and Victorya would be paired together?
I was concerned that we are two strong, assertive female designers who have the potential to butt heads. I saw the difficulty between Victorya and Ricky during the fourth challenge and I was worried that I could find myself in the same situation. I was desperately hoping to avoid an uncomfortable situation. I was immediately relaxed when Victorya was friendly. And from there, the dynamic was just right.

Were you nervous at all when Victorya won the team leader position through the coin toss?
I was nervous because Victorya was granted immunity from winning the previous challenge. I felt if something went wrong that I would automatically be auf'd even if it was out of my hands. On the other side, Victorya is obviously a talented and skilled designer. After all, she has won two challenges.

How did you finally get her to see your side -- about making a trench coat?
I was able to incorporate Victorya's strong concept into the silhouette I was dreaming of. She was at first resistant, but quickly came around.


Did you really think you two wouldn't finish?
I was worried that we wouldn't be able to complete the second outfit.

Your "afterthought" ready-to-wear was very well-received by the judges -- were you surprised?
Yes, very. I didn't particularly care for that dress.


What did you think of the other designers' garments? Especially Christian and Chris'?
This was the one runway show that I honestly thought nobody should be eliminated. The craftsmanship of everyone's work was so intriguing and intimidating to me all at once. I most certainly did not expect that Kit would be eliminated. I was shocked. I loved the beauty of Christian and Chris' gown, looks a little like Christian Dior's spring 2007 couture line. I loved Rami and Sweet P's work ... maybe without the pants though.

Were you disappointed that you didn't win over "Team Fierce?"
I am never disappointed because the fashion industry has enough room for many winners. I was very satisfied with the great feedback I got from the judges.

What are you learning about time management while being on Project Runway? Have you adjusted your methods at all?
This question makes me laugh because it is asked as though we were given a week to complete the assignment. Let me remind you that we were given two days to make an avant-garde look and an overlapping half day to make a ready-to-wear look. So, no I haven't learned anything based on this experience. If anything, I stand firm in my way of not limiting my designs based on lack of time

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