Kevin: I Love Every Day Women

Designing practical and realistic clothing.

What did you think when the models arrived on the runway?
First reaction: Holy Sh... What the f... is this? Please not the wedding dress. Poor Steven! I lucked out though, I actually got the client that I wanted.

What is your take on designing for what is referred to as "The Everyday Woman?"
I love designing for everyday women. I think it's more practical and realistic. kevin_01_405_320x240.jpg

Jack goes home because of the Staph infection. What were your feelings? How did that strike you?
I was devastated when Jack left! He became one of my best friends on the show. He is extremely talented and f...n hilarious. When he left, the morale dropped to an all-time low in the work room. He's ok now, and we will see a lot of him in the future!

The return of Chris March! What was that like?
I like Chris, but I don't believe in bringing back designers after they are eliminated.

There is a giggly sort of hilarity to having Tim in the workroom. Is that common?
Yes. We've all seen Tim on previous seasons, and when ever he says his wonderful catch phrases: "designers," "make it work," or "Carry on," we all lose it. He is such a fun guy, and it's comforting to have him around. I love Uncle Tim!


What did you think of Christian's design?
I liked Christian's design. His client gave didn't give him any design freedom. He had to work wonders with two very simple pieces. She was like, "I don't wear this, don't make it this way, I hate this, and if you mess with me, I will beat your ass!" Yeah, she was scary. Christian obviously thought she was fierce.

You sort of lead this charge to help Steven finish his design. What did you think of the design overall?
He was petrified from the moment he was chosen for that hideous wedding dress. We all had much more to work with, so Steven started at a disadvantage. His client wasn't that helpful, either. I knew he was stressed, I was finished already, and so I decided to help him. He would do the same for me. I like Steven a lot, and I did not want to see him go.


Was there anything else about this particular challenge that struck you as difficult or interesting?
Yes! The fact that I didn't win!

What is the trap of the "legging"?
The legging is starting to get a little dated, but it is such a staple item for certain outfits. Especially in this case. It's a makeover challenge. These women lost so much weight, and leggings are one way to expose their new figure.

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