Kevin: In The Red

Kevin Christiana sticks up for his design and relives the prom.

What did you think when you realized your models were not in fact "oompa loomps?"
I was relieved -- oompa loomps freak me out!

Did you have any reservations at all about the red color?
No -- I think that color red looked great against my client's skin tone. She also wanted red and silver, so I was trying to make her something that she wanted.

Chris seemed to warn you a few times about finishing the bottom of your dress -- did you think it was a big concern and do you think it really mattered in the end?
The fabric was silk Georgette. If I tried to finish the bottom without a handkerchief merrow machine, it would have been worse. I don't think that anything that I said or did would have mattered to the judges. According to them, I pretty much made the worst dress ever. I do agree that all of the accessories were too matchy, but we did not have anything on the Bluefly wall for these small girls. I had to work with what she had. Trust it wasn't much!

Which were your favorite/least favorite designs?
I thought that Kit had the best design this week and she was totally overlooked. As far as least favorite designs, I never bashed anyone's clothing during the show, and I am not about to start now. The designers and fans know who has real talent. I'll leave it up to them!

Did you think you deserved to be in the bottom two?
Bottom three maybe, but it definitely wasn't my time to go. It was not the best piece that I made on the show, but I feel that they let a few other disasters squeak by on this challenge. My client was loving her look and that's what matters to me.

Did you think you deserved to be sent home instead of Christian?
I don't think Christian or myself should have been sent home. The obvious person was excused! Statistically Christian and I have given nothing but quality work up to this point, and this is the first time that I have been in the bottom. I know that this episode was good for drama, but they should still want to keep the level of competition high. I guess someone had to be the first example of "one day you're in and the next day you're out."

Any fun memories from prom you'd like to share?
Yes -- I had a blast at all of the proms that I went to. Jersey proms are fun. They usually end up ending down the shore for a long weekend of things your parents told you not to do. Good times!

What's next for you?
I'm going to audition for American Idol! Then I'm going to seek out my brother Joey Fatone and co-host Dancing with the Stars No, seriously, I have a lot of good things in the works. You will definitely see more of me in the near future.

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