Kieran And I Are Parents

Say hello to Sadie!

So it's finally happened. I know it's illegal in some states and many said it would never happen while this president is in office, but I'm happy to say it has.

Kieran and I are parents.

Well, godparents really. To a dog. So it's kind of like god-dog-parents. Whatever, we have love to give and this dog is gonna get it! Our lovely friend Elizabeth has been itching to get a greyhound for years, and would always find one reason or another to not do it. Well, if a little pushing on our part didn't do the trick than I don't know what did, but a few days after a long talk over dinner (and a bottle or two of wine), an appointment was booked at a shelter right outside of Philly and we were on our way!

Kieran, Elizabeth, and I rented a car and drove the 1 1/2hrs to go find ourselves a doggy, and despite the amount of distractions (KIERAN!) we made it there without any major mishaps. We really weren't sure what to expect when we got there: Would we stand in a large room and just pick one running around us? Would they bring them out a few at a time? Would we just walk through the kennel as they're in their crates? We really had no idea what to expect.

Luckily, the adoption agency, Greyhound Angels Adoption (click here), was AMAZING with placing the right dog to the right owner, taking into account personality (of both), schedule, lifestyle, family status, etc; you could truly tell that they cared about where their temporary babies were going. So after a thorough talk with Elizabeth, the owners looked at each other and agreed on one dog simultaneously ... "Benelli". 0511_2.jpg

As you can see she's a beauty: Sand-colored hair, tall for her sex, and from an impeccable racing lineage (she raced 133 races and she's only four yrs old!). She was nervous but docile when meeting us, and we could feel when walking her that she was feeling for our movements, which we call concurred, was a good thing. We were shown three more dogs (though the owners knew Benelli would be the one) and we eventually knew that too ... now we just had to wait another two weeks to bring her home!

So fast-forward to two weeks later, another car rented, another set of cheap/easily machine washable clothes were thrown on (you never know -- accidents in the car!) and we were on our way. Oh, I forgot to mention that on our last trip back to Manhattan, the trip that SHOULD'VE taken us two hours max, ended up taking us five because of a combination of getting lost/construction detours/and an insatiable need to find a Taco Bell.

Thankfully, we got there soon enough and our gorgeous dog-god-daughter was waiting for us!  Elizabeth took her on a quick walk before the potentially long drive home, and as you can see, Benelli (whom has since been named Sadie) had MORE than enough energy to release --Ha!


So we loaded all 70 pounds of her into the car, I hopped into the driver's seat and Elizabeth, welcomed her new role as mother, and her new dog, with open arms in the back seat.


After a quick running tour of Elizabeth's apartment, Sadie soon settled down into her new comfy bed and turned her interest to her favorite toys (Elizabeth gets a little too much sick pleasure when watching Sadie attack that Ex doll ... and then leaving it to die only to attack it again five minutes later!).


All three of us love Sadie so much, and it's the first time any of us have had a dog in the city. So with all the chaos that can happen in one's daily life in NYC, it's nice to have some unconditional love to come home to.


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