Laura Bennett Meets The Addams Family

The final three for Fashion Week!

Wow -- what an emotional roller coaster of an episode! It's amazing how a photo montage of a home visit, the right mood music, and a thought-provoking glance from Sir Tim Gunn can make one recall the good ole days when it was happening to me. I must applaud all four designers for showing such excellent craftsmanship in their designs -- each of them had obviously put so much time and effort into their clothes and even in the brief glances we were shown this episode, it was easy to spot.

So this episode was obviously centered on who gets the third and final spot for Fashion Week, which would obviously go to either Rami or Chris. I thought that the three looks that both of them showed were unexpected and very creative, and were excellent representations of who they seem to be as designers.

That being said, I have to say that I didn't understand the comment from the judges critiquing the fact that the collections were so "dark". I think that they both chose moody yet romantic inspirations, Rami's had a stronger feel with the armor influence, and Chris's seemed to have a precocious quirky-Tim-Burton-awkward-main-character-vibe. Though both showed a lot of black, I thought that they weren't depressing but instead, were mysterious.



I love the color and general shape of this coat. It definitely reflects the inspiration with the overlapping shoulder cape and the high neck that is reminiscent of armor. I do have to agree with the judges though, in saying that it looks slightly over-worked. All of the design elements -- the volume, the top-stitching, the trim, the asymmetrical collar -- are all fantastic, but when put all-together on one outfit it can quickly seem like too much. That being said, I still kinda like it! rate_runway_03_413.jpg

I adore this dress, it's the definite definition of the word "understated". I remember watching this dress walk down the runway at Fashion Week and it was one of the most striking pieces in his collection. Smart move on Rami's part to not put three voluminous, intricately worked pieces on the runway, and instead balanced the two "wow" looks with this more subtle one. I love it. rate_runway_04_413.jpg

He starts with a bang, follows with a breath, and ends with a wow! I have nothing to say other than absolutely gorgeous.



I think the combination of textures in the first look is phenomenal. It makes you look up and down again and again, looking at all of the details, finding something new every time. I'm not bothered by the use of human hair, and find it quite interesting, and quite honestly, ballsy on Chris's part. The neckline on the jacket is gorgeous, how it frames the face, and the way the hair naturally folds over gives it such a soft feel. I too must applaud Chris for making velvet look so rich and expensive. Oftentimes it can appear heavy and dowdy but I think it works with this jacket. rate_runway_05_413.jpg

Again, I actually really like this look. Aside from the hair and makeup being utterly chic, I think the textures, and play on matte/shine really make this an interesting look. I can see someone like Renee Zellweger wearing this on one of her more courageous days on the red carpet. It's like Laura Bennett meets the Addams Family ... I LOVE IT! rate_runway_02_413.jpg

This is really the only one I didn't like. It comes off as very dated and although I find the whole silhouette interesting, the actual construction of the dress seems very simple (or at least from what I can see). Obviously, the fact that she can't walk in it doesn't bode well for him either.

Overall, I think they both did EXCEPTIONAL jobs and if there had been four official passes to fashion week, I think based on these three looks, they both are worthy. Congratulations to both designers, and an especially big good luck hug to Chris on his next venture -- it's undoubtedly sure to be a big one.

I'm off now, but I'll see you all next week when the next and newest winner of Project Runway is determined...surely to piss off some, relieve others and to the rest, leave them completely unaffected.

Good luck to Rami, Christian and Jillian!!!

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