Prom Night Redux

A Danny Tanner moment, oompa loomps, and a Sweet 16 All-Star!

OK -- we apologize for last week's absence. It's been a little crazy around here.

Also, celebrating the holidays Bravo-style was a total time-suck. You know how it is around here. Gay marriages in the office every hour on the hour. Our annual New Years Eve "Real Housewife" toss. And then the phone call from Jackie Warner about our resolutions from last year to get in shape. (We failed, bee-tee-dubs.) We're kidding. It's really just the getting ready for Make Me A Supermodel and all. We know we have to say it because we work here, but we could not be more excited for that show to premiere -- partially because it's taking up all of our time, but also because we have a feeling it's going to be addictive (and not in a detrimental Lindsay Lohan "Catholic-schoolgirl-falling-off-the-rails" kind of way.)

Speaking of Catholic girls -- let's talk Project Runway, the show at hand. This week the designers had to dress Catholic high school girls. (You can make your own pervy joke here if you'd like).

Is prom still associated with losing one's virginity? We thought that pretty much ended the time Dylan and Brenda did it after their Spring dance on 90210. The designers went bonkers over this topic -- whether or not they lost "it" on prom night. Did you? (We can't imagine the powers-that-be would let us run a poll on the site, but you're free to leave us a comment with "yay" or "nay.") raterunway_06_220x415.jpg

All of the designers' girls seemed to be fairly amicable, albeit super-hyper (We probably wouldn't have been as nice as the designers were if they were making that racket next to our cubicles), but Christian's girl seemed to be one complaint away from being a My Super Sweet 16 all-star. We imagine she just got word that some overpriced rapper couldn't make her party and her imported dress ripped in transit.

And here's the thing, in spite of ourselves, we really liked Maddie. She's a groovy chick, and you can tell she knows what's what. And you know, truth be told, the judges were right -- she's the client -- it ain't her fault. It's her prom. We like that she calls herself a designer, too.

It's like when a waiter says, "I'm an actor." Only somehow, a little braver when it's a high school girl.Two things:

Kevin's comment about not knowing if the models were "oompa loomps" cracked us up, and not because little orange people are amusing. Mainly, because he actually keeps calling them "oompa loomps," rather than Oompa Loompas -- (it's in his blog, adorable.)

Anyone else sorta not surprised but also really surprised that Chris March's portfolio pictures are all him? Anyone? Sorta?

And how weird was it seeing Christian so wounded? Listen, we're huge Christian fans (But we also really liked Marcel and Hung -- go figure), so seeing Boy-Wonder so vulnerable was more than we could take. The idea of him being sent home made us all really nervous. We were all kind of shocked that Christian couldn't hold his own against Maddie, until it occurred to us that Christian himself isn't that much older than she is. We'd kinda like to see them fight.

But Tim Gunn got all Danny Tanner on us and gave Christian a pep talk that went something like this:
Christian: I give up.
Tim Gunn: Make it work.
Christian: OK.

And, he did. Alas, our Flock of Seagulls-coiffed wunderkind was spared.


Unfortunately, it was at the expense of Kevin -- the straight guy. This is the best part about Kevin, and the part that we all really liked about him. When we met him early on in taping, during a break in our interviewing, he asked one of our video editors, "We have no idea what's in store, do we? It gets insane from this part on, huh?"

Well, Kevin, how'd that go? Class act, that guy, and it's awful to see him go. He's promised us that this isn't the last we'd see of him. And we believe him. The stories abound -- we heard from a friend of a friend about actually meeting Kevin at Barney's one day, and he helped her shop for her boyfriend for an hour!

What else, you guys? Have you checked out all the other neat stuff that's going on? The Daniel V sketches are really pretty awesome, and you should DEFINITELY check out the Online Challenge stuff.

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