Rami: Making It Work

Stuck in the middle but I'm going with my gut.

Tim Gunn visits you while you're working on your collection -- first of all, what was it like having Tim Gunn in your home and hanging out with your friends?
It was nice seeing Mr. Tim Gunn again in a different environment! I prepared a nice breakfast layout for him and invited two of my closest friends to join us. I think they were quite excited to meet Tim in person and especially to find out that he is exactly the same in person as on TV!

How closely did you heed Tim Gunn's advice?
I took everything that Tim Gunn said into consideration. I appreciate his feedback and opinions. I did think that it was a little difficult for him to see most of the pieces that were still in sketches and not sewn. He was very encouraging and questioned why there is not enough draping in the collection. That is when I reminded him that the judges questioned whether there is something else I can do. I am confident that I can do a lot more than just drape, but it did feel as though Tim was pulling me towards one direction while the judges were pulling me towards another ... I was somewhere in the middle ... I had to just follow my own instinct in the end with consideration of some of their comments all together.

What did you think about the judges' comments? Especially Nina's comments about the coat and its proportions?
I honestly did not think too much about it. The judges had their opinions and they are certainly entitled to them. I thought that Nina could appreciate the new designs that she had not seen from me before, but regarding the proportions of the coat, I honestly still believed in the design and was not offended at all. I did feel though that Michael did not understand my black gown and I was happy when Nina defended it and so did I.

After hearing the judges' comments, did you have any idea who was going home?
I had no idea who was going home. At that moment I still felt strongly about my collection and stood behind it 100% so I simply just went with the flow and waited to hear what they decided.

Did you have an opinion on Chris' use of human hair? The judges seemed both shocked by it and intrigued by it.
In all honesty I did not understand Chris's collection. Some of the looks were not functional to the point that some of his models simply could not walk due to the lack of room in his longer dresses. I felt that Chris knew it as well. I am not a fan of human hair on clothing if you ask me. I love Chris but that's just my opinion.

How much relief did the win give you? Or could you not relax because you knew you had still so much ahead of you?
I was relieved and felt that the judges appreciated the amount of work and detail involved in my collection. I felt glad that I would get to show in Bryant Park..

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