Rami: The Freedom To Design

Rami Kashou talks about the first challenges' ups and downs.

What was it like meeting Tim and Heidi for the first time?
It was very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.... Heidi looked fabulous and slimmer than ever and Tim looked as elegant as a man in a suit can look. I was nervous though because I could sense they had something else up their sleeve and they sure did.

What was your impression of the first challenge -- to express who you are as a designer?
I loved it! The freedom to design whatever I want.. Nothing could be better. It was great to express my point of view as a designer during that challenge.

Which designer did you find the most intimidating when you first arrived?
Hmmm.... I honestly was not intimidated by others during the 1st challenge. I tried to focus more on what fabric was in my hands.

During the first days on the set, what was the thing that struck you the most?
The number of cameras that framed my view... It was a lot.. and kind of crazy.

What did you feel when you were left on stage as part of the top or bottom six?
Hot, Sweaty, I could hear my heart beat loudly.. nervous... intimidated, excited, and somehow funny all at the same time... It was a jambalaya of emotions every time....

How did you feel about the very end of the show?
Exhausted, over worked, skinny; my pants started falling off, relieved.... In a nutshell, I felt as though I've been hit by a train and somehow I managed to survive....

The flower on the dress was criticized as "mother-of-the-bride-ish." Do you think that's fair?
I don't think anything of it. Some people get it and some people simply don't. I love the flower. So did Nina and Heidi. That was fair enough for me!

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