Ricky: Agreeing With "dull"

Ricky Lizalde recalls the panicked menswear challenge.


What was your prior experience with menswear?
Besides making my hats and alterations on my own clothing I have no experiance in menswear....

Has this challenge made you more interested in designing menswear?
I'm the kind of person that learns from his failures. I definitely am interested in menswear, but the kind of menswear I'm interested in is the kind that I would wear. rate_runway_12_403.jpg

Those models were ridiculously cute. What was the energy in the room? A change of pace?
Yes, the models were freaking hot, but I was too busy trying to finish my garment to take too much notice.

Who do you admire the most, among menswear designers?

That room seemed so panicked up to the end. What was it like to be there?
It felt like being thrown into a big pool of water and not knowing how to swim.

How did you feel about Jack's winning design?
If copying your shirt and pant patterns is a winning design, I'm not interested.

What was your experience with Carmen?
Carmen was difficult to work around under so much pressure. One on one, she's a lot of fun.

Having to scale back on the original design is always hard, what do you feel was the biggest factor in having to re-work?
Timing was the death of me in this challenge.


What was the last moment like for you, standing there at the end?
I was crushed to think that a boring suit would send me home. I felt like I still hadn't shown what I was capable of.

You tried the muslin creation on the model, as a test. Does that happen often?
In my experience it's pretty common.

Nina called the garment "Dull" -- what did you think?
I would have to agree- I don't like suits, at least not a boring straight man's suit.

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