Ricky: Pretty In Pink

Getting used to the line of fire.

What did you think when you first saw the models?
I was happy to see that it was real people with real bodies ... harder to work on than a skinny model ... fun!

The judges had a problem with the color you chose during judging, how did you choose it?
I was going for a pretty pink but was at the mercy of what I could find at Mood. I liked the pink I chose to work with, but if it could have been a little brighter and stronger I think the judges would have liked it much more.

How much input did your client have with the challenge?
My client had in mind something from my book and wanted pink, but I wanted to give her something unexpected and fun, and most importantly something unique. I wanted her to stand out in a crowd -- isn't that what all girls want deep down inside when going to the prom?!

What did you think of the other designers' work?
I felt that some of the other designs in the room looked contrived and expected the usual for prom.

The client seemed to really like the dress, so were you surprised by the judges' response?
I was totally surprised to be closer to the bottom than the top, but was starting to realize that I started caring less and less at what the judges had to say because I made my client and her mother happy ... and I didn't make her look like a whore on prom night.

Were you worried you would be in the final two?
I was starting to get used to the line of fire and deep down I knew I was not the final two.

You said you made an ex-girlfriend's prom dress? Can you tell us about it?
When I was in high school, myself and my mother made my only girlfriend's prom dress. I did not go to my high school prom, but I took her to her prom. The dress was a soft lilac color, really short, and oh so sexy (not everyone approved). She loved it and I loved making her look so special. I think that's when I realized making girls pretty was for me!

Did the challenge bring back any other fun memories for you?
Sure ... losing my virginity! That was fun too!

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