Scent Of A Collection

The smells of Rami Kashou and Chris March's collection.


I LOVE the episodes when Tim visits the designers in their workspaces and we catch a glimpse of their collections. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, I was so nervous and excited for everyone.

It is unnerving we can't go directly to the final episode as I can hardly wait to see the outcome. I was very impressed with the amount of work each designer put into their respective collections and very muck look forward to see how each designer will style and present them in their entirety. It is so interesting to see how each designer works, what their apartments look like and how they arrange their equipment. I have lived in a space so similar to Christian's, sewing in a tiny closet, and folding up my bed in the morning ... that's the life. rate_runway_05_413.jpg 

Since I have already seen the show, I will not go into detail about certain pieces that stood out, but comment on what we saw today. I feel for Chris. Dedicating so many hours to a collection that may or may not be "in" must be incredibly nerve-racking. I applaud his innovative vision using human hair as fringe, and the safety pin skirt was intense -- wonder if if hurts to sit down in .... I see where he is coming from and see a cohesive vision -- I thought of Anais Nin and Henry Miller's wife June in the film about the author's life Henry and June. The women wear these Parisian darkly-dyed velvet gowns and robes, have voluminous wavy hair and dark, smoky eyes. They are stunning. If I were to say what Chris's collection smells like, I would say cigarettes and absinthe (I was asked today by someone what scent my collection smells like and I said Comme de Garcon ODEUR 53). Funny question. rate_runway_04_413.jpg

Rami's collection smells like champagne (don't take me for a jester here), as we heard Heidi claim that she would wear the black evening gown (that thought crossed my mind as soon as I saw it), and I'd imagine Rami's clients wearing his clothing, sipping champagne at an event in Hollywood. The polka-dotted draped dress was amazing -- I would love to take it apart to see how he constructed it. We didn't hear what type of fabric the black evening gown was made of and it has left me intrigued. I promise you will be impressed by Rami's complete collection.

I am going to save Christian and Jillian (how cute was her family) until next time, but I will say the competition is going to be tough. Jillian's collection will blow your mind with a certain technique she used and Christian has kept up his full momentum and fearlessness.

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