Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Living like tomorrow is just a dream!


Once upon a time in a land over the rainbow, there was the most beautiful pair of red patent leather shoes designed by my new favourite English shoe designers, Irregular Choice. The shoes would take me on a journey of sorts to places that only dreams were made of.


It all began at Roseland where there were dancers and a room full of more steamy hot bodies then one would ever imagine! It was Broadway Bares and the Brilliant Denis Jones and Step it Up and Dance's very own Jerry Mitchell created a larger-than-life spectacle that raised over $874,000 for AIDS organizations internationally. I had the honour of being celeb host to Judy and Angie Dove - two women that I adore and who were dressed in Malan Breton for the night.Then Monday night was the most brilliant of nights at Birdland. The incomparable Liza Minnelli was there and performed a beautiful song from On a Clear Day! Also my new friend Lala Brookes, the lead singer of the Crystals got up and sang as well. What a wonderful night. So off I went into the yellow lined streets of New York to find myself taped to YouTube the following evening. My retrospective hosted by Australia's Next Top Model had just been posted and well I was sad to see Sam go -- what a difficult decision! I just hope she is in NYC for Fashion Week so I can present her in my catwalk show.

I woke Wednesday to the most beautiful garments that were being prepared for my Spring '09 collection for Fashion Week, then I got a call asking If I would dress Alec Mapa for his one man show Gaysian American Sweetheart. Darlings, Alec plays my favourite character on Ugly Betty, Suzuki St Pierre. I was honoured to be able to create menswear again and for such a gifted artist. Well darlings fast forward to Friday night at the Duplex for their Broadway open mic. Darlings!!! Myself and one too many cocktails got up and sang. Well there it was the night before Alec's show and a rainy one at that ... Saturday was the show at Joe's Pub in NYC. My red patent shoes carried me to the theatre where I nearly peed from laughter! Then out with some friends to dance and then I woke up at the wee crack of morning, to be on the amFAR float for gay Pride. What an amazingly lovely group of people -- so sweet and so full of love for this organisation. It was a great honour to be on the amFAR float this year -- they have done so much to help people with AIDS. The clouds opened up and gushed water -- maybe they were tears of joy from the gods -- but silly me I was in a white polo shirt. Darlings there was a very unattractive wet t-shirt contest atop the amFAR float.The rain was beautiful! They say rain is good luck, they also say that about bird poo. Sorry! Hehe. The evening ended with Alec and some friends having dinner and cocktails. I clicked my ruby red patent heels and woke up at 7 a.m. this morning, off to the gym.

Darlings, We have only one chance in life to live. Remember there are hardships that we can all overcome! Just pick your head up, let your eyes shine, and live like tomorrow is just a dream! And a good one at that.

You are all fabulous!!!

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