Steven: Marion Is A Very Gentle Soul

Steven Rosenberg's tough choice and decision.

When you heard it would be a fashion icon as a guest judge, who did you hope it would be? Which icon would you most like to dress?
I honesltly can't remember who I thought it would be...I vaguely remember thinking for maybe a moment that we would be working with the whole cast of SATC. I always say that I would love to dress Nicole Kidman, but I think that SJP would be equally great sun. For younger stars, I would like to dress Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman.

What are your feelings on the team challenge, in general? And then, what about working with Marion?
I think the team challenge is an interesting one in that there was some potential for personalities to really clash and perhaps come up with something brilliant or tragic. Marion was easy-going and open to suggestions. I liked his laissez-faire style which allowed me to work at my own pace.

The guest judge. Thoughts?
SJP is such a lovely person. She is genuine and thougtful. Her personality makes her just an absolute delight.

There you are, one of the final people standing on the runway. How did that feel?
It was a bit nerve-wracking, for certain. You stand up there after everyone leaves and think, "well hey--there's a good chance I'm in the top 3"--but then you find out that the reality of the situation is quite different.

What was your impression of Marion?
Marion is a very gentle soul. He's considerate and careful with his words. Marion observes first, then takes action--not at all the type to just jump into a project without considering all sides.

There is a scary sense of "running out of time" in this challenge for you. When you work, are you someone who is done early, or do you procrastinate?
I think I'm guilty of procrastinating just as much as anyone, but it's very hard to keep concentrated on that type of work for a long while without getting bored. Sometimes I finish my work early, sometimes late--there are so many variables involved that it's impossible for the design equation to be static.

There is a moment on the runway, where you are asked to make a choice about who should leave, you or Marion. What was that like for you?
Looking back, I still find that moment to be one of the more difficult ones. I didn't think Heidi would pull that card with each of us. I found the line of questioning to be quite vicious--all in the name of drama, friends were being pitted against one another. The show is supposed to be about design, not stabbing each other in the back.

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