Suits And Safety Pins

Taking notes from this week's menswear challenge.


Ladies and gents! Today I went to an event for Susan Sarandon so I saw the episode on Tivo. Menswear! I am so jealous. I have been dying to launch a men's line. I make all of my own clothes, except for a few pieces of YSL I love to wear.

I see some familiar faces in the male models from when we were casting at fashion week. Good choice, producers. I have never seen Heidi blush on the show... hehe!

There are three looks I really want for Christmas: I want Rami's jacket, Kevin's entire look, and Jillian's suit. She even welded the pockets... Genius! One thing I did before I went into the women's business was learn to create men's suiting. I create all of my own looks. It is very difficult compared with womens because it's like building a full couture gown from the base up. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jack, and anyone who is going through what he is! I do charity work with many different organizations during the year that benefit AIDS and HIV related charities. Elisa is really starting to impress me with her work, and that braided seam on the inside of that waistcoat was beautiful.

Darlings, Jack took off his shorts and cut a pattern. Talk about making it work. I wonder if this season there will be an extra DVD of Jack's outakes: "Making it work! In little or nothing!" I am just jealous, since I have not seen my six pack since 1998! Oh, where did it go! HA HA!


I am fascinated at how witty Michael is, and the beautiful Nina is always so insightful. Darlings, I once had a collection showing where everything was safety pinned because we ran out of time. Oh, darling! Never again. Ricky, please go play some lovely music and dance. Dance those tears away. Well, This episode proved that diversity is so important in this industry. I have a suit to finish and a lovely martini waiting for me. I will see you next Wednesday, but until then, have lots of vitamins and remember to moisturize. It's winter, after all.


PS I have a BIG surprise for you....

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