Sweet P: Fun And Funny

Sweet P talks about her last attempt at menswear.

What was your prior experience with menswear?
None. Zero. Nada.

Has this challenge made you more interested in designing menswear?
No. No. No. rate_runway_06_403.jpg

The male models -- what was the energy in the room?
The male designers were in heaven with the exclusion of Kevin. They all kept saying "wow he's so hot." It was funny. It was weird for me though because when I dress a female model I never think about their body part or lack of clothing. I was dressing my male model and went to tuck in his shirt and was like, "Oh my, what do I do?" I asked him if he could tuck in the shirt. I just felt self concious about reaching around in his pants.
Who do you admire the most, among menswear designers?
Hedi Slimane- I love his suits.

That room seemed so panicked up to the end. What was it like to be there?
Fun and funny. That challenge made us all nuts but I think it was hilarious. You really can't take this sh*t so seriously. Its not brain surgery.

How did you feel about the winning design?
I think Jack's outfit looked nice but I wanted Kit to win.


What was your experience with Carmen?
Carmen is a very strong personality. She fills up a room. She was also our roomate and wouldn't let us smoke. I didn't like that part.

What do you feel was the hardest part of the challenge?
The shirt just totally f'ed me up. I don't know what happened. I thought I made the corrections but then I think I used the wrong pattern in the end. I just got flustered and wasn't paying proper attention to what I was doing

What was the last moment like for you, standing there at the end?
I was not surprised.


That collar on that shirt -- it was very brave of you to send it down the runway. What went through your mind?
Oh my god I crack up thinking about it. I wanted to send him down in a wifebeater, the dreaded tie and the fantastically fit pants. Kit said she thought it would be better to send him wearing a shirt.

The last moments on the runway for you. What was that like?
I didn't think I was going home so I didn't feel too bad.

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