Sweet P: Lost In Spandexland

Putting in everything but the kitchen sink!

What did you really think was behind the door before Tim revealed the Divas?
I wasn't too sure because it sounded like a bad B-horror flick -- like people were killing each other. Gruesome sounding.

What was the biggest challenge with this challenge, and how hard is it to work with spandex and these different materials?
The biggest challenge was basically everything. It isn't that spandex is hard to work with -- it is that it is just gross to me. It was like making the tackiest stripper clothes which is not my forte at all. On top of the challenge being so un-fashion to me, I had client to deal with and my client wanted everything but the kitchen sink. Actually a kitchen sink looks better than this type of clothing.blogs_ep410_sweetp.jpg

At judging Michael Kors said you should've gone for the gusto -- were you afraid of going too far? Yes -- go for the gusto. Unfortunately I could not even wrap my head around it. I was lost in Spandexland and I couldn't think straight.

Were you happy with your final product -- what would you have done differently?
No I was not happy with my final garment. I thought I was for sure going home on this one. I actually packed some of my stuff the morning of the runway show. I was completely horrified.

What did you think of the other designers' work?
Honestly I thought it was all pretty hideous. Believe it or not the best looking garment was Ricky's. It looked like a cute swimsuit for a Miami girl.

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