Sweet P: Nice Day For A Blue Wedding

The benefits of listening to Tim Gunn's advice.

Where did you honestly think Tim might be taking you on his little "field trip?"
I was hoping Europe, but since we had no luggage I thought maybe the challenge would be to clothe ourselves on the trip. Basically I really wanted to go somewhere fabulous.

How did you get your inspiration for the design of your wedding dress?
I initially thought to do a wedding dress because it could be a casual spin on the old staple. My wedding dress was made of cotton voile -- no stiff frou-frou number. It was more casual in feeling. I personally hate stiff wedding dresses.blogs_409_sweetp.jpg

Did you have second thoughts about the dress before Tim came over?
No and thank God for his second set of eyes. Sometimes you just get so focussed on what you are doing that you don't see it clearly. Tim helped me to see it better.

How closely do you heed Tim's advice usually?

Did you know the judges' reaction would be as positive as it was?
I thought they would like it but was happily surprised that they liked it so much.

Finally, what did you think of the other designers' work?
I think everyone is so talented but I did like mine the best.

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