Sweet P: Prom Queen

Tips to pulling rank over your client's vision.

What were your biggest concerns when you saw who the models would be?
Just the simple fact that they were teenage girls.

You made a very successful choice with the champagne color, but why did you stray from black or white?
I didn't want white because I was afraid it could look like a wedding dress. I thought black would look too stuffy and formal. These are teenage girls, not ladies getting married or going to a funeral. As soon as I saw the champagne-colored charmeuse I knew it was the one.

You chose not to make the dress as plunging as the client had originally requested -- did the client have any complaints about that?
I didn't make the dress as plunging in the front or the back because I didn't want her parents coming after me. Nicole had no complaints at all when she saw the dress. I don't think she even remembered that she wanted it different. The dress was gorgeous and she knew it.

What did you think of the other designers' work?
I liked Kit's. It was a lot of work and looked fresh and modern.

How much do you think a designer should pull rank over their client if they don't agree with the client's vision?
I think there is a fine line you walk. Clients don't always understand design or even their own body and what works for them. You must gently sway them. I did this by giving my client some of what she wanted, most of what I wanted, in a BEAUTIFUL dress. What can a girl say to a beautiful dress that looks great on her body?

Going into the challenge you said you felt like the underdog, how did you feel after?
I felt like I was back in the game. I think I do much better at making WOMEN'S CLOTHING. If you noticed I only choked on men's and gimmicky stuff.

It seemed like the challenge brought back some, um, memorable memories for you ... care to elaborate?
All I can say is I had fun at my prom!

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