Sweet P: Thank You, Project Runway

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Sweet P: Thank You, Project Runway

There is nothing wrong with the dress; it is just a matter of taste.

Another field trip! Have you ever been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art before? Were you overwhelmed?
I had just been to New York and the Met a month prior. As soon as I saw where we were I thought we were going to the Poiret exhibit. I was very happy about that. My prom dress was actually inspired by my earlier visit to the Met and Poiret.

What drew you to the painting of the peacocks?
The sheer beauty of it. The colors and the composition are just perfect.

Were you surprised at all by the other designers' chosen inspirations?
No -- not at all. blogs_411_sweetp.jpg

Did your model's lateness affect the outcome of your garment at all? Were you freaking out?
NO. I do not think that Lea's being late had anything to do with the outcome. Oh, of course I was freaking out. I wanted to do a fitting but that was not the reason I went home.

Did the judges' comments surprise you?
Yes. I loved my dress and I am trying to make clothing that women want to wear. One of the comments was that my dress looked ready for the showroom. Since I am a designer who has had my own line and worked for a big company I am more concerned with sellability, not runway fantasy. I don't remember this challenge being runway-ready? So, yes I was very surprised.

What did you think of the other designers' garments? Any favorites?
I thought all of the garments were GREAT, including my own. blogs_411_sweetp_02.jpg

Do you think the judges made the right decision?
I don't really worry about that. It is just a matter of taste and I believe we are all winners.

You still got to show at Bryant Park! Tell us everything!!
This is why I feel like a winner. Showing at Bryant Park was the second biggest thing I've done in my life (getting married was No. 1). I cannot explain how overwhelmed I was with joy. Watching the girls on a monitor backstage with Tim, I could not stop crying. It was so amazingly beautiful. All of my models were perfect. They were beautiful, professional, and they each loved their outfit. I am so grateful and I still cannot believe it really happened. It was like the best dream ever. Thank you Project Runway.

We didn't see Mean P all season! When does she come out?
She came out right before I flew back to LA when I was told I had no car service set up for the way home. The woman in charge of travel met Mean P on the phone. Usually Mean P comes out once a month, if you know what I mean.