Sweet P: The Whole Thing Was Bonkers

Sarah Jessica Parker, spitting on clothing, and collaborative teamwork!


When you heard it would be a fashion icon as a guest judge, who did you hope it would be? Which icon would you most like to dress?
I really thought it was going to be Madonna. The celibrity icon I would most love to dress would be Chloe Sevigny. She has great personal style and doesn't dress like everyone else. She is forward and takes more risks.

What are your feelings on the team challenge, in general? And then, what about working with Elisa?
I have no problem working on a team challenge. I was just worried because Elisa & I are polar opposites when it comes to our design aesthetic. Fortunately, Elisa was open minded enough to listen to my thoughts about the challenge and our garments. I think her idea was good but I wanted to make sure it was executed properly. I wanted to make sure she did not lose sight of what the challenge was. Clothes that could be sold under the Bitten label.Not some funky arty hippy store.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Thoughts?
Cute cute cute. And tiny. And very nice. sweetp_sjp_320x240.jpg

There you are, one of the final people standing on the runway. How did that feel?
Standing on that runway forever and ever is a bummer even when you are in the top. sweetp_runway_320x240.jpg

What was your impression of Marion?
I think Marion is a sweetheart, quiet a bit shy but very very talented.

So. Elisa spit-marks her clothes...thoughts?
Yeah what the F*@k. I thought water got on the fabric (because she put the fabric on the floor) and when she told me she spit marked it I was in SHOCK. I mean are you "f"ing serious. I told her I had chalk for this. This whole thing was kind of bonkers. I have never experienced someone who works the way she does.


Your efforts in helping Elisa reminded us of Laura Bennet talking Angela out of those rosettes last year. What was the collaboration like for you?
Thank you. I love that reference because Laura helped her win that challenge which would not have happened with the rosettes. I honestly do feel that I am the reason we were in the top rather than the bottom. I did not want to go home because our outfit was poo-ing fabric.

The design that you put together for SJP, what was your inspiration?
Do you know, I honestly don't even remember. WOW!

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