The Fantastic Four

And then there were four.

OK -- so, we're sorry for not checking in last week. In case you didn't know, and honestly we don't know how you could have missed it, it was Fashion Week. And we are, no-fooling-tired. Seriously, for some of us, it was our first time going to Bryant Park for the shows, and although the shows were fabulous, we're all sick. Sigh. Woe is us.

We got to hang out with Daniel Vosovic as he worked to bring the best Fashion Week coverage to you guys all week long. raterunway_02_411_220x415.jpg

Anyway, the highlight of Fashion Week was of course the Project Runway show. All five designers showed, but as learned on tonight's episode, not all of them were competing. We won't tell you who our favorite was, but maybe we'll reveal after the finale. Maybe.

So, onto this week's episode. We thought the avant-garde episode was our favorite thus far, but this one was pretty spectacular. The designers got to really do kind of whatever they wanted. First, the designers are told they are going on another field trip -- which are always a mixed bag. The designers look like scared little puppies every time Heidi says "field trip." (Speaking of puppies, look at THIS! You're welcome.) But, you know, the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- can we go? Alone? With Tim Gunn? That is Grade-A Nerd Heaven, and we want in.


The designers have to choose from three wings for their inspiration. We were on the fence about Rami's decision to choose the statue of Aphrodite. On one hand, OK, he drapes. On the other hand, we kinda like his chutzpah for draping despite the judges' criticism. The designers head to the workroom and print out their images on super-nifty HP printers. HP, they really print stuff. (They were a sponsor, and while we weren't asked to plug them in this blog, we do get a little wrapped up in the moment sometimes...) Also, we're hoping that they'll send us a printer. Seriously, we know you guys hate the product placement, but we want one. We also want a Hershey bar.

While they're working, Jillian mentions she wants to show an edgy side to herself and she talks back to Christian. We mean, she signs her E-mails with an "XO" -- chick wouldn't hurt a fly, so it was kind of funny to hear her, um, raise her voice. In other news, Chris takes a nap. And Tim Gunn doesn't like it. It's a rarity to see Tim Gunn get annoyed, so we kind of enjoyed this part.


Sweet P seemed a little doomed when her model didn't turn up. Remember in Season 1 when Kara Saun had to search the streets of NYC to find a model? That was the definition of making it work. Going into the runway show, we honestly didn't know what was going to happen because the comments about Sweet P's dress went both ways.

We're gonna say it -- oh Sweet P, we are now destined to exchange an email or two every so often. But seriously, if you ever want to just stop in, hang out, watch TV with us here in the office, you know where to reach us.

We have no idea how Christian gets so much done in such a short time. Um, and we're fans of a strong brow too. (You heard us ladies, put the tweezers away!)

Alright, we'll write again come round time for the Finale. See ya then!

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