The Hershey's Slip N' Slide

How I would have started the show...

A night of sweetness, OMG Darlings! If I ever see another piece of candy after the holidays. How fun to make clothing from the worlds favorite sweets.


Darlings , If I had the chance I would have started the episode a little differently. I think they should have all the models come out on a slip and slide covered in Hershey's chocolate syrup. Then bring Steven back for a peanut butter cup eat off between him and Christian.

No really, back to the challenge... I adore the chance to see challenges using new medians. Fabric is so tedious in fashion!!! Dont you think? I will say the contestants were so poised in their choices of sweet to use. I love that Jillian chose Licorice. Jillian and Rami were the most innovative. I love that Zac Posen is back, Zac is the Charles James of modern fashion.


Sadly Elisa left, even though she was so gracious!!! I am so intrigued at how powerful a person she must be to have survived what she has. I wish her great success in all she does. It is hard to be cut. Okay I have to say it....


Jillian, is my new favourite... That corset tonight was sheer Mugler ala George Michael's Too Mugler was the first designer I ever met when I was 17, a man who understood innovation and the feminine form.

She has the classic sensibility and the brilliance of an old school designer. It's as if Edith Head were reincarnated in the modern world. Okay back to the show...I found the final catwalk show to be lovely, and Kevin's ensemble was absolutely genius. That bodice was beautifully sewn and constructed...

Victorya's asymmetric ruffles confused me, I really have grown to like her aesthetic. I would have liked to see someone use a little more of the candy. I know they are trying so hard --everyone wants it so badly.

Darlings I am excited to see the Bryant park show...I have my favourites. I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

Until next week I send you big Hershey Kisses!!! I am craving Mole. If only there were a really good Mexican restaurant in NYC. Any suggestions?

Who will make it to fashion week, I know I will be there ;) will you?

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