Two Peas In A Pod

A bit of disagreement with the judges.


Can you guess what this challenge reminded me of? Remember the recycling plant in New Jersey last season? Exactly.

A semi-non-textile extravaganza of metallic paper, twizzlers, wrappers and velvet. In a situation like this, you must be truly imaginative and ambitious to make a grand slam, and incredibly lucky to make a chic & wearable ensemble at that. rate_runway_10_406.jpg

Candy is quirky and quirk is what we got. I think Rami did a fantastic job shaping and fitting the wrapped halter top, the twist to it was so interesting, somewhat wabi-sabi (the aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect") and completely unique. The skirt was adorable and the detailing on the inside of the pleats very smart. rate_runway_03_406.jpg

I loved Ricky's piece and felt that he should have been in the top, this piece is a walking billboard for Hershey's, yet such a powerful fashion statement alone. I found it far more interesting than Chris' design.

It was almost as if the judges had Chris up there to congratulate him on not going overboard with the challenge, when Ricky's dress was far more conceptual and daring. I do hope he gets some credit soon. rate_runway_07_406.jpg

Similar to my situation, Sweet P panicked over her original piece and started over, ending up with an over-simplified look, but Sweetie Pie got away with it and Elisa got the boot.

The metallic arm bands did look like "swimmies" and the back of the dresslooked unfinished as there were 3 different tie closures which got a bit messy, however, I did like the a-symmetry of the skirt. Lose the swimmies and she may have gotten the hair of her "chinny chin chin".

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