Victorya: Dressing Snow White

Victorya Hung's girl crush and bittersweet moment.


When you heard it would be a fashion icon as a guest judge, who did you hope it would be? Which icon would you most like to dress? Let's just say, I would have never thought Snow White. I was hoping it would be someone fantastic, someone who actually filled the role of fashion icon, which is, really, a pretty weighty title. The person who did eventually turn up exceeded any expectation I could have ever had. In terms of which icons I'd like to dress, I guess that word has such connations for me, I immediately think of characters, rather than actual people. Charlotte Rampling in "Orca", in those amazing jumpsuits and head wraps, or Marianne Faithfull in all that leather in "Girl on a Motorcyle". victprya_kevin_320x240.jpg

What are your feelings on the team challenge, in general? And then, what about working with Kevin? I thought that I would have been able to work with almost anyone after seeing the level of execution that just about everyone exhibited in the first challenge, but Kevin stood out as the obvious choice. I wanted to do a tailored piece & Kevin's tailoring skills were excellent. Then, actually working with him, I realized I could not have had a better partner. It was a completely dynamic and fluid process, which is how good collaborations can be if you are very, very lucky. We were bouncing ideas off one another, coming up with new ideas on our own and together, really motivating each other to do better work. There was just a great momentum and balance in how we worked together, and really, you can't ask for more.

The guest judge. Thoughts? There are very few people in this world that could leave me starstruck, but Sarah Jessica Parker would actually be on the top of that list. When she walked through that door, my heart began to race, my palms got sweaty, and I was at a complete loss for words. (Though I think I might have inadvertently squealed like a schoolgirl!) I haven't felt that way since I was fourteen and saw The Cure for the first time in concert. When we had our tete-a-tetes to go over our designs (let me tell you, I couldn't believe I could get it together enough to actually be coherent) Sarah Jessica proved to be extremely smart and knowledgeable. And later in judging, she turned out to be even more gracious in what is generally a very rigorous and tough part of the show for us designers. Smart AND nice AND well, flawless? She's such a great role model and sends out such a positive message. Could I gush any more about the lady? Yeah, I could.


There you are, one of the final people standing on the runway. How did that feel? It's always a nerve-wracking experience. First, you have to address the self-doubts. Are they loving it or hating it?...cause you can never always be sure. In this particular challenge, though, I thought Jacqueline looked fantastic, and working with Kevin proved such a strong collaboration, I felt like we had put forth our all.


How did the last moment feel for you? Actually, a little bittersweet. Of course, I was completely thrilled to have won, but saddened to see Marion go. To have an opportunity to talk about design with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Nina Garcia, together, at the same time, and about my own design, was mind-blowing. But then to have to see Marion go as a consequence brought the reality of the competition back sharply, and somewhat sadly, into focus.

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