Where Is The Glamour?

Check the egos and tears at the door- fashion is playful and full of joy!

Darlings! I have been so busy with holiday events, and we just launched a new handbag line, and an online store. I will sum this weeks episode up by using the three B's! Bitchy, Bawdy and Bold.

The episode started with, Ricky! Being so catty! Again! About the model selection. Darling I am wondering about "true colours" right now because the display level of taste in both areas last night was just not attractive. I found myself sympathizing for Victorya but I did not enjoy that there was so much conflict. When you work in teams much like working in the structure of a fashion company you have to let your ego, and work together. The head designer will give you points of reference but there should be a relationship and not an ego driving that. That said, I will move on to happier things! No need to let the groll and miserable in today.


I love that the old trends are being re invisioned. I really enjoy Elisa and Sweet P they are both very endearing, sympathetic people, as was Chris. What I do not understand is why Chris was eliminated the shoulder pads were a little "Christmas at the Crawfords" but it was well sewn and fit the model properly.


I must say Christian, Jack and Kit created a beautiful cohesive collection. I also loved Jillian, Kevin, and Rami's collection. I personally do not wear those farming clothes! But they were well made and well proportioned.


Things are only getting hotter and darlings, why is everyone crying in the previews? This season is very different! I guess as it should be. I need a massage! I love Christian's quotes, that is how fashion should be executed playfully and full of joy. There are so many wonderfully talented people on this season, But where is the glamour? I miss you Laura!

The mere idea of Donna Karan judging the competition last night was sheer genius! Donna is one of the most brilliant business women and a great designer. I just wish she had been on my season. Well darlings until next week happy holidays! Have a look at my new handbag bag collection at www.malanbreton.org.


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