A Designer's Dream

Bracelet watch, repeating styles, and Diane von Furstenberg!

For today's episode, the designers got an opportunity of a lifetime from legendary fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg! After arriving at Diane's design studio, the contestants chose from her fabulous fabrics and then went straight to the drawing board to begin creating their looks. When the designers found out their garment might be chosen to be part of the DvF Fall 2008 collection, the competition really heated up!

Blayne walked into the TRESemmé Salon looking more confident than ever. He created a sophisticated satin garment with an over-sized collar and told us he felt his design was one of the best of the bunch. After I noticed a piece of fabric from his model's outfit tied around his own wrist, I asked Blayne about it. He told me that he keeps a piece of memorabilia from each challenge and even made bracelets out of the car materials he used in last week's episode! Keep a look out for what Blayne's wearing, and see how many of the past challenges' materials you can spot. All the designers turned to DvF's Fall/Winter 2008 lookbook when it came time to get inspiration for their models' hair. Since the collection was '40s inspired, the TRESemmé Styling Team ended up doing a lot of Marcel waves and loose tousled curls. As the remaining designers entered the salon, I could feel the excitement in the room. Many of the designers commented that it was a real treat to sew with Diane's luxurious fabrics and that made all of their looks extra gorgeous!

Kenley's dress, constructed of black lace and flower print, was inspired by the "Shanghai 1940s era." To complete this look, we first sprayed her model Germaine's hair with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray and created Marcel waves using a curling iron. Then, we pulled her hair back into a tight bun. While rushing to finish Germaine's hair, Kenley said she felt exhausted and that all the hard work and stress was taking a toll on her.

Leann, who has yet to sweat under pressure, made a beautiful purple silk, belted dress with a low V. She used what she called "petalling" around the arms to add detail. Leann topped off the look with a white and black tweed jacket that Diane absolutely adored, giving Leann two consecutive wins! Unfortunately, Stella was unable to go outside her typical "rocker" style and create a runway-ready garment, so the judges sent her packing. Seems like the judges are getting tougher each week, even tougher than Stella!

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