A Real New Yorker

Comments about the winner, the loser and Sandra Bernhard!


Sandra Bernhard she's a double whammy. She's been on the New York scene for so many years and a fashion lover. And definitely has an eye for clothes. She's not a celebrity who lives in her own bubble. This is a woman of the streets, so to speak. She understands about bodies and what looks good on people, what will proportionally work well, and also what legitimately plays in New York. She's not an out-of-towner with her vision of what New York is -- she really knows. So when designers come up with "Oh, that's for a gallery opening." I think Sandra says, "Well, I've never been to that kind of gallery."


So the winner was Kenley. Her dress had such a sense of joy and spirit with the surprise of asymmetry on one hip handled beautifully and a bold use of print in color. Her finishing is meticulous and I love the covered bodice and sleeve to balance out the short flirty hemline.

On the other hand, Emily's dress looks like two disparate dresses mixed together. The flamenco ruffles weren't incorporated into the little Addicted-to-Love dress in a way that makes the two things feel harmonious.

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