An Odd Mix

The Brooke Shields challenge brings an assortment of designs!


I think Keith and Kenley's design is a fabulous dress. What's interesting about it it's an urban looking dress but still is feminine ... it's romantic but adult. I think that it's sexy without being slutty. And i think Brooke, both as a woman and as her character on Lipstick Jungle, she'd look great in the dress. It's appropriate. I also think Kenley was a huge help for him. I think she made him tow the line and neaten up his edges and give a sharper point of view. So I think that was really helpful. And I think that they used the print judiciously. I think the whole thing works. Apparently there's a lot of talk on the blogosphere about hot Keith is. I think the reality is there are a lot of guys sewing conceptual dresses with big muscles. Especially, here he is from Salt Lake City and he's got this very Bushwick Brooklyn/"indie," "looks like he is in a band" vibe going on, which I think that could work to his advantage if he's dealing with a young clientele. It's probably a more music-oriented clientele who's gonna go for it. I think at the end of the day people are kind of surprised that they see a designer tattooed and so street ... from Salt Lake City. I think the whole thing's kind of like an odd mix.


As for Kelli's dress, it was just an odd mix: She's a studio head who is a streetwalker. All she's missing is a beret and a cigarette holder. I think it's just "sophisticated" and "powerful" are two words that Kelli has no understanding of at all. And I think this outfit really shows that. Everything about it is kind of a cliche of something really cheesy actually. Plus, I think, the other thing is, it's cut up in such a way that even a woman as gorgeous as Brooke is going to look like she's chopped up in pieces like a magicians' assistant. It just didn't work.

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