Best Of The Best?

The designers are just not performing at the expected level.

Bravo to Project Runway for continuing to think of creative, yet relevant, challenges that we all can relate to, be it as designers or viewers, young or old. I definitely have mixed feelings about the overall level of work at this point in the game, especially considering that we're really whittling down to the "best of the best," but considering some of the fug that was sent down the runway, I'm not sure if we're quite there yet.

Congratulations to Jerell on the win! I thought the overall style of this look was both contemporary, and fitting for the challenge, though I do think he could've given it a bit more of an edge considering how punk and androgynous his client was (both of those being good things.) I applaud Jerell for stepping away from the standard pencil skirt/blazer trap that a few designers fell into this week, and for really thinking about what young women are actually wearing RIGHT NOW, but to also make it fashionable. However, I think the color palette is so sad and serious, and makes her appear much older than her tender age of 22. I think I would've opted for the same style, but done in classic colors like navy, white and gray, or perhaps in richer jewel tones that would've given the design some life. He nailed the proportions perfectly though, and by creating a high-waisted skirt he moved her actual waist (which is much lower) to a more elegant position, creating definition of a waistline and elongating her legs. Jerell isn't afraid to pair conflicting patterns or textures within one outfit, and though he technically did that here, I do think he could've pushed it a lot further and made the entire look more of a statement. Nevertheless, bravo Jerell on another win!


I don't understand what happened to Joe throughout this competition. I always go back to the beginning challenges where he sent out very well tailored garments, albeit not the most fashion forward, but sewn well nonetheless. What is this mess? I unfortunately have to agree 100% with the judges in remarking that it was the most cliche of the cliche, and without a hint of whimsy or irony. The overall proportion works on her body, but without the fun, the good construction, and not an iota of modernism, it falls completely flat for me. I do however find Joe to be a very sweet guy and wish him only the best. I feel his strong suit is in casual wear, which is where he can make the most indelible impression on the fashion industry. Best of luck to you Joe, I'm sure you made your family proud!


Someone has become the big pink elephant in the room, hasn't she? Kenley's design for this challenge was good, but not great in my eyes. Yes, it's well fitted and yes it suits her client's needs, but it's so forgettable I may forget about what I'm writing about by the time I finish this blog. In the past, Kenley hasn't shied away from boldness in her designs, and I just find this week's dress/vest/belt combo to be nothing more than "nice." However, on the proportions, she nailed it, giving her model a nipped-in waist, a gorgeous hourglass shape and seemingly long legs - so for that, congrats. In fact, this is an excellent example of how to play with proportions. I hope the model doesn't mind me saying that she is a bit bottom-heavy, like many, and needed her top half balanced more to her hips. By creating a little fullness in the sleeve caps, adding the belt at her higher, natural waist, and stopping the hem right above her knees, she ends up giving her model a very flattering shape. Oh, and is it just me or do I see less tulle poking out? Oh Kenley...


I'm very surprised that Korto's design was praised as much as it was. Although the two pieces are nice on their own, they seem so disparate when paired together, don't they? I love the dress, and think that unlike Suede's strappy number, it's appropriate for the daytime, and especially appropriate for a young lady. The jacket has these gorgeous seams, creating a little bit of curve and shape to an otherwise boxy piece, but done in that flax-colored potato sack fabric makes it seem a bit lumpy. I feel like a supple, yet lightweight wool, perhaps in a deep purple, chocolate or indigo, would've been more appropriate and corresponded with the dress much more.


Well even my favorites are off sometimes - I guess this was Leanne's week. I adore the sketch she made, but unfortunately, not everyone has model proportions and anyone with a chest will attest that cropped, boxy jackets are a deadly sin. Her model actually had a great body, and I think that Leanne was straddling the cute/mature line and not focusing enough on working with what she had, which is namely a gorgeous rack and nice hips. By creating a look that shows a women's body yet who is still covered up, she'll naturally appear more mature (think of how sexy a fitted sheath dress is), which is what she did with the dress underneath. Unfortunately, she paired it with that jacket that does nothing but make her look like her shoulders are 4 inches wider than she really is... I guess that's one way to scare the kids into their seats!


Okay, it's official, Suede is floundering and has officially been labeled "dead weight." His taste level just doesn't seem to be there, his fabric choices are very questionable, and don't get me started on his lack of construction skills. I really feel that Suede has been sliding under the radar for weeks now, and it's becoming extremely apparent that he doesn't even have the necessary technical skills to make him a worthwhile competitor at this stage of the game. The whole "Suede doesn't do pants" thing was such a copout, and considering the time he saved in NOT doing them, I would've hoped that he sent out a jacket that was tailored to perfection! Though the dress itself was kinda cute, but it was more appropriate for a cocktail hour, and no photographers I know would ever wear such a look while working on a job. If he wanted "worker luxe" I think his best bet would to take the advice of Ralph Lauren and make casual pieces chic. Maybe not in satins, but a safari luxe would've worked a lot more beautifully for his client than...whatever it was that he did.


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