Drama, Drama, Drama!

Listening was the tool needed most during this queen sized challenge!

What a day!! Today's episode was definitely a first for Project Runway, putting the designer's creativity to the test. Inspired by part-time drag queen and last season's finalist Chris March, the designers met with 11 notorious cross-dressing divas and were challenged to design a costume for them based on their drag personas. I was SO excited when I found out RuPaul was today's guest judge! I remember seeing Ru, "Supermodel of the World," for the first time at a club in Washington, D.C. That beautiful blonde wig changed my life as I started working with them more and even sported a few on occasion!

Drama, drama, drama! Hedda Lettuce, Suede's model, came into the salon with more than salad on her mind! She vented to the TRESemmé Styling Team about the fight she had with Suede over her garment. Apparently, Hedda Lettuce thought he created a scaly, Godzilla-looking costume for her, which did not represent her style at all. After a fight erupted in the design room, Suede altered the dress to suit Hedda's taste. Hedda seemed pleased and described her new costume as "Judy Jetson meets Joan Crawford." \But later backstage, the other divas referred to her as "one of the Flintstones," forcing Hedda to second-guess her new look.

As most professional drag performers usually have their own wigs pre-styled, the TRESemmé Styling Team helped with all the last minute tweaks (i.e. pinning, fastening and smoothing). For the wow factor, these wigs needed to be larger than life. To keep these wigs intact we went through four cans of TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray just to hold them in place! Louisa Verde was more than happy with her designer Stella. She described her look as the "evil step-princess" and thought Stella really took her personal style into consideration. Staying true to her trademark rocker designs, Stella made a plaid fishtail dress with black paneling on the sides, which accentuated her model's figure. Louisa showed us her secret to looking curvy -- foam bed pads for hips!

After all the looks came together, Joe's pink sailor suit (complete with a mini sailor hat) was totally campy and looked perfect on Varla. This look won the judges over and brought Joe his first win this season. Daniel, a self-proclaimed avante-garde designer, had trouble transitioning to costume design. His model Anita Greencard, along with RuPaul, did not seem impressed. The judges decided to send him packing.

Overall, it was hilarious and just a total dream working with these performers. This episode was challenging, but I must admit, my favorite thus far. Next time, I'll be ready to expect the unexpected!

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