Elisa Jimenez

Elisa Jimenez is living life to its fullest and showing her art to the world!


"Where I am Now" is the beginning of a magnificent summer outside Glacier National Park, Montana hiking, rafting, and preparing my collection, "Urban Nomads" for NY Fashion Week, spring of 2009.


My recent past includes the Ingeo(TM) International Exhibit "Earth Month" NY-Paris-Tokyo, the exhibit, "Fashion Conscious" at UC Davis, Ca, 4 exhibitions of fashion, performance, and drawings, and inclusion in Mia Navarro's new book, Green Wedding.


Upcoming, that I know of so far, are NY Fashion Week, Santa Fe Design Week, and possibly LA Fashion Week, there are three movies which are products of couture and altering collaboration with costume designer, Caroline Marx: College with Hayley Bennett in Aug; "Kelsi" of Disney's High School Musical 3 in Oct.; The Killing Room with Nick Cannon and Chloë Sevigny in Nov, and also for Nov, I was selected by the MOCA to exhibit an interdisciplinary show funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation, (its location will be announced.)


I am working on a large-scale sculptural drawing series to be shown in spring, entitled, "Paperdoll Archeology." I am also introducing a privately backed new product and pop company "Pookha Jones: Fashion and Mischief"(TM). You know, there may be more that will come into my work schedule that I don't even know about yet, and that is the truly exciting aspect about being my own boss: "Work like Play makes for a Fantastic Everyday!" I am blessed.

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