Fasten Your Seat Belts

Hairstyles kicked into full gear!

This week, the designers faced their most "fast and furious" challenge yet! They went on a field trip to a car dealership, instructed to create an outfit made entirely out of car parts. Everything from seat covers to visors and dashboards were up for grabs. Believe it or not, Suede told us he even made the top of his garment out of a tire! The designers' artistic license was in full gear as they gathered items to create their looks. Apparently, it was a war zone at the dealership, with lights and seat belts strewn all over the floor. Chaos erupted in the TRESemmé Salon too! Inside the salon, the models asked me to fix their dresses -- I style hair, not clothes! Keith also told his model Alyssa not to sit while getting her hair done, but she plopped herself in the salon chair anyway, ripping her seams. Keith was furious!

On the other hand, Blayne's outfit turned out stunningly elegant, considering it was completely constructed out of champagne-colored seat belts! The beautiful open back dress with mosaic detail at the neck needed a fashion-forward 'do to complete the look. We wanted to give his model Polina an edgy up-do, so we created crimps. First, I gathered her hair into a high pony and made small braids, fastened with elastics. Then, I ironed each braid with a flat iron, and let it cool. Once cool, I took the braids apart for a crimped effect. Finally, we loosened her hair using our fingers and put it up into a messy bun. Voila! Polina looked high fashion and raring to go.

Using car leather, seat covers, and dashboard details, Jerell created a futuristic look with a mini-skirt and a grey suede bustier. To heighten the ultramodern feel of the auto-inspired outfit, we created a sky-high ponytail with tightness on the crown to complement the 'tight' look of the leather. After spraying TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator, we curled Nicole's ends and completed the look with a fitting hair accessory -- car wire! Korto's woven seatbelt design resulted in a very chic coat with a high collar. To accentuate the details in the coat, we created a textured double French twist. We started by teasing at the top for lift and pulled both sides back into two French twists, tied together. Katarina's naturally curly hair was perfect for this style. This look was one of my personal faves!

Leanne created a flapper-inspired garment with a black corset top and a skirt made of car leather. She told us she spent hours shredding seatbelts to create feather-like details. You would never know this garment was once a car! Leanne, who took a ride on the wild side with her garment, wowed the judges and won the challenge. On the other hand, Keith's ordinary design didn't make the cut, and he was sent home. Looks like the remaining designers are determined to go full speed ahead right to Bryant Park! Let's see who makes the cut next week ...

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