Hooray For American Sportswear

Red, White, Blue and tricks up the sleeve!

What was great about Korto's winning design was that the minute you saw her model, she had an American vibe without being hokey. It's not just a tracksuit ... but I think it definitely has a nod to the athletic. I think it is comfortable. I think it shows off the body. And I think it's really graphic so you can see them from a distance and know who they are. It's really well done. And that often overused word -- it's very "modern" looking.

Korto is one to watch. Funny thing is she's got a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She's very versatile. And which, let's be honest, on Project Runway, that's a huge help. That is one way to keep us kind of surprised and excited to see what's next. Jennifer's design was more fit for maybe the opening teapot ceremony while you're pouring tea and serving biscuits. I just think the idea of anything that's not sweet and darling is past her comprehension. So I think this got mommyish. On top of it, Ashley has the best body on the planet and this is all about someone who hates their body, No. 1. No. 2: I would never know it's America. No. 3: You'd roast wearing this on August 8th in Beijing ... it's gonna be 1000 degrees. There's nothing right about it.

The funny thing is, I think, you would assume that most of the designers are Americans. And American fashion has been founded on the idea of sportswear and the idea of clothes you can move in and that are graphic and that are sharp, and for some reason this really threw them for a loop. I think perhaps a lot of it has to do with you have either esoteric designers who had a problem with it or romantic designers had a problem with it. So it's an interesting thing to see what can trip them up and this should not have tripped them up. On top of it, you're dressing people who look great in clothes. So, it shouldn't be tricky.

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