I Saw The Sign

It's about the clothes, not the catch phrases.

Well I think the cool thing with Jerell and Jennifer's design was the textures. There's something very important for a designer: If you want to keep people intrigued and interested, you're going to have to put things together in an unexpected way that at first you kind of look at it and you might say, "Uh, really? Would you really wear that together?" But then when you look at it it's kind of like when you look at a woman whose not beautiful at first, but then you realize she's actually gorgeous when she starts laughing. So I loved the idea of how he mixed the fabrics and the prints. I loved the idea of something tailored on bottom with the sequins on top. I thought the whole mix of things was very interesting and it has a very Parisian couture quality to it. I think that if you saw Charlize Theron in this ... or Nicole Kidman ... or Cate Blanchett ... that kind of very sophisticated woman with their hair just scraped back with simple make-up and jewelry you'd think, "Wow." And I liked the silhouette and it also hit me that it was appropriate for his sign, Sagittarius. It was certainly dramatic but at the same time you know you could disassemble the pieces. You could wear the skirt with a turtleneck. You could wear the gold back with a pair of pants. The jacket was kind of cool with a pencil skirt. I'm starting to see that as wacky as he can make it look it actually could work in real life if you dissemble it. That's kind of an interesting thing for a designer because it's exciting to see what you can do but you can still wear it.

On the other hand, Blayne and Stella's design was like the drag challenge got hung over and it was like a drag queen from hell. There's just nothing about it that's appealing. She looks like she's wearing organza rocks ... I think it's really a misstep. And when I look at Jerell and then I look at Terri ... I mean they both went for drama but one went for drama with some taste ... and one went for drama that had absolutely no taste. And no matter where we go we expect to see a sense of taste with chic. It's just horrible. Really horrible and unflattering. Once again if we take a model who is tall, thin, and young and she looks like that, I dread to think what the real woman would look like in this.

Now, on Blayne as a real person, it's good to have a schtick. You know, as a designer, having to separate yourself. But I think that you know you want it to come naturally and so I think you know he's a little too cognizant quite frankly of "I'm gonna have my word, I'm gonna have my look" and part of it has to come from being very young. So I don't know if he understands that all of that is something that's kind of developed. You know, work at it and the next thing you know, you have it. And I just think it's the impatience of youth trying to jump the line. And again you have to work to have your phrase and just because it worked for Christian I don't know if it works for you. And at the end of the day it's about the clothes.

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