Kelli: I Am An Island

Kelli Martin addresses Mr. Impeccable taste after losing the Brooke Shields challenge. What do you think were the most important aspects to creating a successful design for this challenge?
In my mind, it was to execute a look as close to what was pitched as possible. Any stray away from it would leave us up to ridicule from the judges. Have you ever seen Lipstick Jungle/Are you familiar with Brooke Shields' character?
I have never seen Lipstick Jungle, but my grandma has watched it. I always assumed it was a cut-rate Sex in the City. Brooke Shields? Sadly, all I know about her are her Postpartum Depression issues, not much real work since the early '80s. Were you excited to have her as a judge? What would having your design on the show have meant for you as a designer?
To be honest, I found it hard on the show to be like, "OOOOH MYYYYY GODDD!!!! It is her!!!!" Celebrities are just people. I hate to inform America, but I guess I could have "played the game." Why did you pick Daniel? How was your collaboration? If you had the pick of anyone, who would you have chosen?
I tried to choose someone that I thought could execute the look that was pitched. It wasn't mindblowing construction work by any means, but I was afraid that if I picked Stella, I would have to possibly send her down the river if I was in the bottom. I should have picked Stella ... less drama, more appreciation. Daniel was pissed from the start because he was picked second to last. "F" him. Other people obviously noticed his insecurity. If I could have chosen anyone from the beginning??? I would have picked Leanne, Stella, or Jerrell. Would you have preferred to work by yourself? Do you generally prefer working by yourself?
Working alone is key to me. I hate relying on others to finish and wondering if it will be right. I tend to get annoyed easily, and I usually shut off so that I don't explode on my partner. Granted, some partnerships are great, but working with Daniel was kind of like working with the town drunk dressed in a fancy suit ... What happened with the skirt in the end? Were you happy with the final product after Daniel redid it?
When I first the saw the skirt I was like, "Oh, so you are completely giving up? Or is this how you work and that is why your garments are never finished?" I was trying to be nice, but I was pissed man ... to say the least. I felt as if I was going to have to do the entire thing alone, so I had to speed up my pace! In the end it came together, but it took ALL DAY for a pencil skirt. The initial one didn't work because HE chose poor fabrics that didn't hold up. Sorry Mr. Impeccable taste, but just because you look the part, doesn't mean that you can do it.

rate_runway_daniel_kelli_505.jpg The judges' comments questioned your taste level -- what is your response to that?
Simple. Our taste levels are different. Mine is on the wavelength of appreciating fashion, but also realizing that the majority of it comes from people like me. My generation is much different than the 50-year-olds judging me, particularly the different subcultures. You might think that you know what the kids are wearing, but you don't. You know what rich kids are wearing, and honey, we aren't all going to the Oscars. So the slam on taste was a joke. Nice try man. We didn't all come from money and weren't able to use that "in" to make us somebody. Were you surprised by the judges' comments?
Was it wrong and out of line? Yes. Was I surprised? No. You could see it on their faces. They didn't care what I said to defend myself; their minds were made up. Never in the bottom, won the first challenge, but NO!!!! "You are no good now, off with your head!" What did you think of the other designer's designs?
Ehh. Jerell and Stella should have won. I didn't really like any of the designs personally, but look who we were designing for. The teenybopper version of Brooke should have gone though. But I guess Blayne had more "integrity" than I did, sooo, yeah. What have you been up to? Where can your fans find you?
I couldn't be more overwhelmed, honestly! Since I have a storefront, I have a public place that people can come check sh*t out. I just launched my Web site, with new clothes to follow very soon! I have traveled all over speaking to people about how to "rise up and overcome," as well as trying to avoid attacks over my celebrity at the local malls! I would have a mental breakdown if I made it to the top, I can barely deal with all of this craziness! At the end of the day, PR is a reality show, and I know it is based on more than good designing. I look at it as another crazy adventure that has happened, and now I am ready for something new and exciting! Come see me if you are in Columbus, OH: Black Market 2579 North High Street Cols, OH 43202

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