Kelli: Yep, I Deserved It

A creative use of grocery goods made Kelli a winner!


Editor's Note: We checked in with Kelli, Season Five's first challenge winner, to talk about her design inspiration, the "hot and lengthy" judging, and more. Did you see the Season One episode where Austin Scarlett won? Did you think about what you would've done if you had to do that challenge?
Kelli: I did see the first episode, and I thought his corn-husk dress looked better after it had wilted! I am used to working with unconventional materials, so I knew that I could execute this challenge nicely.

Did you know what the challenge would be once Tim brought you in front of the Gristedes?
As soon as I saw Gristedes, I knew that it was all coming full circle for the last Bravo season.

What drew you to your items, and what was the inspiration for your design?
I knew that I wanted to manipulate something that could be perceived as fabric, but NOT use a tablecloth. I went straight for the dye and bleach, after first thinking about loose razorblades! I wanted to also make sure to incorporate multiple things, and not make it simple.


Had you ever used those treatments on those products before?
I bleach and dye often, but I don't even read the box! I just have a weird knack for making it turn out in an awesome pattern. I think that it is inbred. :)

Were you more confident after Tim came in and criticized everyone else for using "material"?
I was more confident, but I also knew that I had a strong point of view.

What did you think of the other designers' looks? Which were your favorites? Least favorites? Did you think Jerry deserved to go home?
I honestly thought, "I had better win this s*** because I am using a myriad of innovative techniques, and my dress has a closure!" I also sewed through my fingers, blistered my thumb and really put blood and sweat into it. As far as Jerry, I felt really bad, but I was obviously glad that I had won.

What was the first time in front of the judges like?
Hot and lengthy. I was wearing too many layers since they had to take my band T's [due to all the copyrights], so I felt like I was going to faint. I wasn't really nervous -- I was actually fairly confident -- but it was like a brick oven in there!

After hearing the judges' comments, did you know you'd won? How did it feel having immunity for the next challenge?
I knew that I should win, but I have seen the show, and sometimes the person who should win doesn't. Having immunity just made me want to win again! I am not one to half-ass it just because I have a free ticket.



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